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The Office of Student Activities is a comprehensive office that supports many aspects of student learning and development.  Within a student development framework, the Office of Student Activities provides support to all registered student organizations as well as social, cultural and educational programs for the entire Lasell community.  The Office of Student Activities offers many services including:  leadership programs; student organizational management; advising and program planning; advisors for the Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board; and hosting and planning large-scale campus events such as Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend. 

The Office of Student Activities conducts four different Orientation Programs: one for first-year students during the month of June ("Laser Link Orientation") and a make-up Orientation in August ("Laser Link Orientation 2.0"), one for transfer students in August ("Laser Transfer Transitions"), one prior to the start of classes in September ("Lasell Laser Welcome Weekend"), and one in January ("Laser Winter Orientation").  Each program is designed to aid students in their transition to Lasell College by introducing them to the campus, preparing them to begin their collegiate academic experience, and welcoming them into the Lasell College community.  Orientation Leaders, current undergraduate students, play an important role in delivering these programs.  For more information on the Orientation programs please visit:

Students are encouraged to get involved outside of the classroom throughout their college years.  Through the Office of Student Activities, there are many opportunities for participation, including orientation, student organizations, leadership development programs, attendance at major events and employment in the Office of Student Activities.  For more information on getting involved, students should stop by the Office of Student Activities on the second floor of the Arnow Campus Center, call (617) 243-2475, e-mail or find the Office on twitter at @LCactivities and on Facebook at  The website for the Office is: and

Office of Student Activities Sales
The Office of Student Activities offers discounted tickets to professional sporting events, theater productions, movie tickets, various trips, Senior Week, club and organization ticket sales, class apparel, and other items throughout the year.  These sales are advertised on MyLasell, the campus calendar, and flyers.  All tickets or items sold by the Office of Student Activities are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Tickets cannot be reserved or held ahead of time.  All sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.  Payment can be accepted in cash or check made payable to Lasell College.

The Office of Student Activities utilizes University Tickets, which is a web based boxed office that will allow for ease of transactions, ability to pay with credit card, and easy record keeping of  purchases. Registration is easy and must be completed (only once) before any purchase (online or in person) is made with the Office of Student Activities. To register, simply to go MyLasell. On the left side there is a link under the "Campus Life" heading that says 'buy tix online'. Click that and register.

Senior Week
Senior Week is offered every year by the Senior Class Committee and the Office of Student Activities.  All students who wish to participate in Senior Week must register in advance, for the entire week of activities.  A "senior" is defined as a student who is in good conduct standing by April 30, 2015, and has graduated in December 2014 or will graduate in May 2015 or December 2015.  Guests are not permitted to attend Senior Week activities.  Graduating seniors living in on-campus housing must be paid participants of Senior Week in order to stay in the residence halls during Senior Week.  Senior Week payments are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged.  All Senior Week participants will be required to sign a Senior Week Contract.  All college policies are in effect during Senior Week.  Information about Senior Week activities, payment options, and dates of events will be sent to seniors via email and U.S. mail. Questions regarding Senior Week can be addressed to the Director of Student Activities at x2475 or

Student Organizations
The many different student organizations at Lasell College provide numerous opportunities for involvement.  Students can choose from programming, cultural, governance, and special interest clubs and organizations.  With so many choices, most students are able to find an organization that suits their needs and interests.  For a current list of student organizations please visit To join a club, attend the Fall or Winter "Activities Fairs" or contact the Office of Student Activities, x2475 or

Creating a Student Organization
Starting a new club or organization is simple, and there are three steps:  1) have an idea, 2) find three other students that are interested, and 3) meet with the Coordinator for Student Organizations.  Students who are interested in starting a new student organization should contact the Office of Student Activities, x2475 or For further information you may also check out the Student Organization Manual.

Registration of Student Organizations
Any student organization wishing to function under the Lasell College name, or wishing to utilize campus facilities, must be registered with the Office of Student Activities.  Student organization policies include:

  1. No student organization may discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, handicap or disability, or an individual's previous affiliation in criteria for membership, assignment of voting privileges, rank or office.
  2. Student organizations must register with the Office of Student Activities at the beginning of each academic year by submitting a Student Club/Organization Registration Packet. Dates are publicized by the Office of Student Activities at the beginning of the academic year.  This packet includes an officer roster and anti-hazing information which must be signed.
  3. All recognized student organizations are required to complete an Event Registration form with the Office of Student Activities, for any programs or events held outside of the scope of organizational meetings. This form is designed to assist student organizations in planning better programs and maximizing the resources available.  Event Registration forms are due at least ten (10) business days prior to the event. Students must work with the Coordinator for Student Organizations to complete the form.
  4. All student organizations must adhere to College policies whether they are on- or off-campus.  Student organizations alleged to be in violation of College policies will be referred to the Director of Student Activities and may be subject to a hearing through the campus Conduct System, and may possibly lose their registration privileges.
  5. New organizations may form at any time by meeting with the Coordinator for Student Organizations. Registered organizations may also seek recognition from the Student Government Association making them eligible for funding.  Please see the Office of Student Activities for more information.

Privileges of Registered Student Organizations

  • an account with OrgSync
  • flyer and advertising privileges on campus
  • inclusion in College publications, directories, and distribution databases
  • opportunity to obtain student organization office and/or storage space
  • participation in the College's Student Activities Fairs to recruit new members
  • use of College facilities (rooms, vans, etc.)
  • use of College services (My.Lasell postings, plasma board postings, etc.)
  • use of resources provided by the Office of Student Activities (program planning, staff support, assistance with team building, etc.)

Participation in Student Organizations
All students may participate in the co-curricular life on campus as long as they meet the requirements for good academic as well as good conduct standing. For a complete description of "good academic standing" please refer to the appropriate section in the College Catalog.

Students who are not in good academic standing will receive notification from the Office of Academic Affairs. Students (full- and part-time) who are not in good academic standing will be required to curtail their participation in the co-curricular life of the campus in the following ways:

  • students who are serving in an executive board position in a registered student organization (i.e. whose name appears on the "Officer Roster" as submitted to the Office of Student Activities) will be considered to be in probationary status for that semester.
  • no student organization officer may remain on probationary status for two consecutive semesters.
  • students who are not in good academic standing will not be permitted to stand as candidates for an executive board position in a student organization.

 In addition, any student leaders (executive board members) whose residential privileges are revoked for conduct reasons, will likely be suspended from all club/organization activities until their housing privileges are reinstated. When a student leader is found responsible for violations of college policy, the Director of Student Activities reserves the right to impose additional, organization-specific sanctions at any time depending on the severity of the incident. 

Hazing is illegal in the State of Massachusetts and will not be tolerated by the college. All registered student organizations are required to read and sign an Anti-Hazing Form at the start of the academic year. Please refer to the policy section of this Handbook for the complete text on this policy.

Student Organization Funding
Registered student organizations are eligible for funding through the Student Government Association. Clubs that do not receive funding from another source (e.g. an academic department or the Office of Student Activities), and are registered and recognized, may request funding each semester from the Student Government Association. 

How to Request SGA Funding
All registered clubs and organizations must submit an SGA Funding Budget Packet to the Office of Student Activities, in order to request funding in the fall and spring semesters. Forms can be picked up from the Student Government Association office or the Office of Student Activities (both offices are located on the second level of the Arnow Campus Center). Information about the funding process and specific requirements will be handed out at a mandatory club and organization meeting each semester.      

Registered Clubs and Organizations
For an updated list of clubs and organizations, go to the Student Organization Manual.

More Information: Activities and Involvement