Current Club Information

Lasell College clubs and organizations are student-initiated and run with the assistance of a staff or faculty advisor. All student clubs and organizations are open to any Lasell student. Recognized student clubs and organizations are able to receive a budget, get assistance with event planning and promotion through all activities fairs and publications. Students can also start new student clubs and organizations on campus! Stop by the Office of Student Activities or email for more information about getting a new club started or information about joining a current club.

1851 The Chronicle Accounting/Finance Club
Active Minds
Amnesty International Club
Athletic Training Club Brennan Bookends
Campus Activities Board (CAB) Cheerleading Club
Circle K International Class Committees
College Democrats of America Crew Club
Divine Step Team Entrepreneurship Club
Fashion and Service Society Fashion Connection 
Graphic Design League  Habitat for Humanity
Her Campus Hope for Humanity
Hospitality Club The Lamp Yearbook
Lasell College Boston Ballet Club Lasell College Chorus
Lasell College Drama Club Lasell College Golf Club
Lasell College Hockey Club Lasell College International Club
Lasell College Intramural Club Lasell College Radio (LCR)
Lasell College Republicans Club Lasell College TV (LCTV)
Lasell College Yoga Club Lasell Environmental Action Force (LEAF)
Lasell For Congo Lasell Says Thank You 
Lasell Spartones Laser Lunatics
Legal Society Long Distance Lasers
Marketing & Management Club Multicultural Student Union (MSU)
Newman Society Niños de Veracruz
Outdoor Adventure Club Pick-up Soccer Club
Polished Magazine Price Center Mentoring Club
PRIDE Psychology Club
Pulse Dance Team RecycleMania
Relay for Life Rugby Club
 Running Club Saudi Students Association
She's the First*{Lasell} Spoken Word Club
Sports Management Club Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) 
Student Government Association (SGA) Tennis Club
The Compendium: Literary Art Journal Tomorrow's Teachers
Ultimate Frisbee

1851 The Chronicle
The 1851 Chronicle is published by a group of committed students. The goal of The 1851 Chronicle is to give students an opportunity to voice their opinions about campus happenings. The newspaper covers various events that occur both on and off campus that are of interest to the Lasell College community. Learn more about the 1851 Chronicle and view their website.

Accounting/Finance Club
The Accounting/Finance Club is a student-led organization that is available to accounting/finance majors and anyone else who might be interested in learning more about the accounting/finance profession. Several meetings throughout the semester will provide the opportunity for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.

Active Minds
Active Minds is established for the expressed purpose of: Increasing the Lasell College students', faculty's and staff's awareness of issues surrounding mental health, symptoms related to mental health disorders and mental health resources available both on campus and in the surrounding community. Additionally, Active Minds looks to promote a general awareness of comprehensive "self health" by emphasizing techniques that care for the body as well as the mind. 

Amnesty International Club
The purpose of the Amnesty International Club is to bring change to international and domestic social injustices through activism, education and advocacy.

Athletic Training Club
The Lasell College Athletic Training Club will provide the community with information about the Athletic Training profession and the students in the program on campus through seminars, fundraising and monthly meetings. The club will also provide a comfortable environment for each class of Athletic Training scholars to learn from the experiences of their peers. Bringing in guest speakers as often as possible will help the club members to apply what they learn in the classroom and at their clinical sites to real life job experiences or further their education in specific topics of interest.

Brennan Bookends
The purpose of this organization is to unite the bibliophiles of Lasell to read and discuss books. 

Campus Activities Board

It is the mission of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) to provide campus wide programming for the Lasell Community throughout the school year. CAB uses four committees to achieve this goal, Themes and Things, Live, Laugh and Sing, Quizzes, Quests and Guests, and The Executive Department. It is open to all students and the general board meets every other week. Past events include lectures from Nick Verreos and Sweet Pea of Project Runway, trips to NYC, Six Flags and Apple Picking, movie series, comedians and musicians. Annual campus events such as Spring Fest, Winter Week, and Bingo nights are favorites among Lasell students. Learn more about the Campus Activities Board.

Cheerleading Club
Lasell College Cheerleading is dedicated to rallying Laser Athletics to victory. Our program emphasizes teamwork and enables each cheerleader to develop to their highest potential. All students are welcome to try out for Cheerleading. The Cheerleading Team performs at various events on campus including basketball games and Fan Fest.

Circle K International
Circle K International develops college and university students into a global netowrk of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

Class Committees (Class of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018)
Class Committees at Lasell plan events for members of their class and encourage unity, identity, and spirit. Class Presidents are elected student representatives who also serve on the Student Government Association. All other Class Officers are chosen through an interview process.

College Democrats of America
The purpose of the College Democrats of America is to educate, advocate and promote current political topics that are relevant to students on the Lasell College campus. 

Crew Club

The purpose of the Lasell College Crew Club is to help members gain a strong knowledge of the sport of crew while working together on a team. The Crew Club was formed in 2009, and is growing in student involvement and opportunities to practice and compete around Boston.

Divine Step Team
Stepping, a dance tradition that is a complex performance involving synchronized percussive movement, singing, speaking, chanting, and drama. It can be traced to the peoples and cultural dance traditions of Africa, specifically, the "Gumboot Dance". With a focus on precise foot movements and hand-clapping, gumboots used dance as a means to communicate. Stepping in the U.S. can be traced as far back as the 1920's during fraternity pledges at Howard University. The Divine step team at Lasell College has produced a very diverse team of talented individuals who keep the step tradition alive. The Divine step team promotes unity and pride at Lasell College. Our mission is to showcase all that Lasell has to offer at the same time we support various organizations and causes on campus. Step is a skill that can be learned with practice and we encourage all to join. The Divine Step Team has performed on campus at events such as the Lasell College Presidential Inauguration and locally in the community.

Entrepreneurship Club
The purpose of the club is to give back to the community of entrepreneurs through raising money for small businesses and product ideas, by hosting events. We want members to express their creative ideas in a positive and supportive environment. As well as helping members bring their ideas to life, we will be helping them learn how to network properly. 

Fashion and Service Society
The club promotes community service and social awareness within the greater Boston area and the Lasell College community through the medium of fashion. The club holds various events throughout the semester to raise awareness, funds, and resources for local agencies.

Fashion Connection

The purpose of this club is to bring students in the Fashion majors together to experience and explore different career opportunities. The Fashion Connection brings in guest speakers and takes trips to fashion hot spots so students can see opportunities in the world of fashion.

Graduate Student Union
The Mission of the Lasell Graduate Student Union is to build community, create networking and social opportunities, and to build a bridge of communication within the Graduate Student Program.

Graphic Design League
Lasell College's Graphic Design League was formed in the fall term of 2005 to encourage a spirit of unity, collaboration and professionalism in Lasell College's graphic arts community. It is our intention to promote Connected Learning experiences for students with the larger communities of Boston and beyond. The organization is creating a "Design Studio" for the campus - a clearing house for Connected Learning projects. The GDL also creates posters and publications for campus events sponsored by other clubs and Lasell College departments.

Habitat for Humanity
The purpose of the organization is to provide students with an opportunity to perform community service while building affordable housing for low income families. 

Her Campus Lasell
The purpose of Her Campus Lasell is to provide college aged students at Lasell college with a new portal of entertainment, news, and lifestyle articles. It is also to connect the Lasell chapter with other Her Campus Chapters in the Boston area, promoting inter school corporation and events.

Hope for Humanity
Hope for Humanity is an organization focused on raising awareness about people in need through positive action on a domestic and global level. Learn more about Hope for Humanity.

Hospitality Club 
Our mission as the hospitality club is to familiarize members in the different aspects of the hospitality industry through real world, hands on experience.

The Lamp Yearbook
The Lamp is Lasell College's Yearbook which is published every year and given to the graduating class. The Yearbook is a club in which students with many different interests and skills come together to create the publication from start to finish. With photography editors, copy editors, section editors, and more, the yearbook staff consists of the many dedicated and talented students here on campus.

Lasell College Boston Ballet Club
This is a club dedicated to connecting students with the Boston Ballet. We are going to see shows, we'll be taking tours of the ballet's costume shop, and connecting students to potential internships with a world renowned company. This club also is set in place to support the Boston Ballet course offered through the Humanities Department with Lasell College.

Lasell College Chorus
The purpose of this organization is to give the students an opportunity to learn and perform choral music on campus as well as off campus. 

Lasell College Cinema Club
The Lasell College Cinema Club provides a fun, engaging environment for students with a love of film to come together as a forum to discuss their favorite movies, educate students about the various facets of filmmaking and bring students together as a unit to produce, write, and direct independent films. 

Lasell College Drama Club
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a group consisting of those who have a passion for any aspect of the performing arts, who spread the wonders of the theatrical world throughout the Lasell community. 

Lasell College Golf Team
Our vision is to represent the excellence embodied by Lasell and provide an outstanding experience for team members while becoming the best college golf program in the Northeast. Accomplishment of our vision is to be measured by our team members, our competition, prospective team embers and the Lasell community.

Lasell College Hockey Club 
The purpose of this organization is to provide the members of the Lasell community an additional social and recreational setting and to promote school spirit and the game of hockey itself. 

Lasell College Intramural Club
The Lasell College Intramural Club provides an opportunity for students to participate in sports in a safe environment while on campus. As of now, we run Basketball during the Spring semester and Indoor Soccer in the Fall semester.

Lasell College International Club
Our primary goal is to help international students make a smooth transition into Lasell College as well as learn about American culture and to promote better understanding between international and American students. The club will help to encourage American students and International students to learn about other countries of the world, their customs, cultures and languages. 

Lasell College Republicans Club
Our mission is to promote the conservative ideals and principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, economic growth, and individualized liberty that built our great nation.We strive: To promote and foster an environment in which such ideals and principles can thrive, provide enthusiasm and support to Republican candidates, campaigns, and causes within the state of Massachusetts, are a proactive presence in our community by raising awareness through various sponsored events, and non-profit fundraiser opportunities, encourage the organization of other established CR chapters on college campuses across the Greater Boston area, and offer them support and assistance when necessary and to create future leaders of the Republican Party by facilitating the tools for growth, development, education, and empowerment. 

Lasell College Radio
It is the primary mission of Lasell College Radio to serve as the ultimate Free College Radio station and Connected Learning experience. Lasell College Radio offers college students numerous volunteer, credit-earning and paid positions with real-world radio experience outside of the classroom. In addition to free college radio, we also offer free pod casts. Our college radio and pod cast programming promotes new acts and developing artists often not aired on commercial radio. This is our contribution to the music industry which creates fresh, original pod casts and free college radio that is unique to Lasell College and that does not mirror mainstream play. Learn more about Lasell College Radio.

Lasell College Television (LCTV)
Our purpose is to bring opportunities to develop film and utilize current technologies to produce and learn about the production of TV shows and other digital media. 

Lasell College Yoga Club
The purpose of this organization is to bring together the Lasell College community who may have an interest in the physical, mental or spiritual practice of yoga. The club is designed to help students become fit and relax in the stressful atmosphere of a college campus. 

Lasell for Congo
The main goal of Lasell for Congo! is to raise awareness at Lasell College about the violence in the Congo as a result of the trade of conflict minerals. 

Lasell Environmental Action Force (LEAF)
The purpose of LEAF is to promote action, spread awareness, and to incorporate the environment into everyday living. Learn more about LEAF.

Lasell Latin America Culture Club
Lasell Latin America Culture Club's purpose is to provide Lasell's campus with a fun and engaging way to interact with the Latin American culture and community through many different activities. 

Lasell Says Thank You
Lasell Says Thank You's mission is to spread more service in the larger community and further Lasell's growing commitment to student service and involvement. We hope to link majors and class years together under the common interest of providing service and continue to "pay it forward". 

Lasell Spartones
Lasell Spartones shall portray our vocal abilities without musical accompaniment. We aim to build confidence in vocals and performances. This should be a creative outlet for the musically inclined and open minded. This is a way to come together to alleviate weekly stress. The club is a place for social interactions for like-minded entertainers who love music. It is important to show the diversity that Lasell College offers, in presentation and music selections. Our main goal is to perform and entertain the Lasell College Community.

Laser Lunatics
The Laser Lunatics will be an organized super fan base here at Lasell. This club will help gain school support for events and sport games in an honorable and fun way. We want to try and incorporate the less involved and make everybody at Lasell one big family. 

Legal Society
The mission of this organization is to offer support, advice and connections to students who are interested in Law School. The organization participates in Americas Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

Long Distance Lasers
Our primary goal is to work towards improving commuter students daily life on campus. To accomplish this we serve as a forum for the communication and expression of commuter student views on campus. 

Marketing & Management Club

Lasell’s Marketing & Management club organizes events for students to network with classmates and local professionals in order to deepen their understanding of the industry they’re studying, and gain real-world insight. Learn more about the Marketing & Management Club.

Multicultural Student Union (MSU)
The club's mission is to work with and better understand the many cultural and ethnic differences which shape our college community. Through education and programming members hope to bring all Lasell students closer through understanding. MSU hosts very popular events on campus such as their dances and Food Fest Members also have the opportunity to participate in culturally diverse events in Boston and the surrounding community.

Newman Society
The mission of the Newman Club is to create fellowship by attending weekly mass, engaging in service and retreat opportunities, as well as exploring the Catholic faith through programming and group discussion.

Niños de Veracruz
This non-profit organization is recognized by the federal government. The Lasell College Chapter of Niños de Veracruz entity raises money to develop libraries and literacy projects as well as to provide educational scholarships for very poor children in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Funds are raised by special events including leaf raking, car wash, and recycling.

Outdoor Adventure Club
The Lasell College Outdoor Adventure club organizes recreational trips fro the Lasell Community. In the fall/spring these trips include biking, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. During the winter season we organize trips to ski and snowboard. The club provides transportation and tickets to various locations around New England. All students are encouraged to join regardless of experience. 

Pick-up Soccer Club
The purpose of this organization is to provide people an organized and fun time to play soccer without the commitment of a team. This club will be open to people of all skills and gender.

Price Center Mentoring Club

The Price Center Mentoring Club gives Lasell students the chance to work with kids with disabilities, and to act as a mentor to children from the Barry Price Rehabilitation Center. Learn more about the Price Center Mentoring Club.

Pride offers a safe, confidential environment to people of all sexual identities and gender identities. It helps educate and bring awareness to the Lasell Community on issues of safe sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and other issues related to sexual behavior and sexuality.

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club holds monthly meetings with a general goal of organizing campus events to raise awareness of various psychological topics. Psychology club members work together to generate ideas for interactive events for any student interested in psychology - and being a psych major is not a requirement for membership! The Psychology Club hopes to be a foundation for starting a Psi Chi chapter at Lasell, which is a national honors society in psychology. Learn more about the Psychology Club.

Pulse Dance Team
The Lasell College Dance Team is student run that plans to perform a mix of jazz and hip-hop routines at events both on and off campus. The team will consist of boys and girls of various dance levels. We hope to have a fun, energetic, friendly group. The team is a creative outlet and a way to meet new people. We are happy to part of the Lasell activities community. The team performs at half time during basketball games and various other events on campus.

RecycleMania is an eight week long recycling competition that spreads awareness across the nation. Campuses all across the country get involved to educate peers on the importance of recycling. Students are able to be a part of lessening the global impacts while having fun doing so.

Relay for Life
Lasell College participates in Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society's signature fundraising event. It represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day, cancer will be eliminated.

Rugby Club
The Lasell Rugby Club plays against other colleges and universities in the New England area. Learn more about Lasell's Rugby Club.

Running Club
The purpose of the running club is to provide a fun, easy way to get exercise and meet new people who also enjoy running.

Saudi Students Association at Lasell College
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote service at Lasell College community at large, to provide for professional development of our membership, and to offer a social outlet to all those interested in Saudi Student Association. 

She's the First
The purpose of this chapter is to promote awareness of education inequality around the world and fundraising to sponsor young girls who are pursuing an education in a developing country. Fundraising will include participating in the Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake-Off during the fall semester and the Run the World campaign during the spring semester. We will maintain an active Facebook and Twitter account to promote our events and spread the word about equal education. The chapter will also host one event per semester designed to raise awareness about girls' education or development issues. 

Spoken Word Club
The Spoken Word Club's mission is to provide a healthy environment that nurtures self-discovery. We seek understanding of important topics and issues of society, history and current events through creative expression and group discussions. We also provide assistance in improving poetic writing and stage performance.

Sports Management Club
The mission of the Lasell College Sports Management Club is to provide students with experience and appreciation for the sports industry while learning what it takes to be successful in merging the world of business and sport. The Sports Management Club provides students with the opportunity to gain worthwhile contacts and networking while raising awareness of the Lasell Sport Management Club throughout the campus and the community as a whole.

Stitching Together Club
The purpose of this organization shall be to teach its members how to sew and construct different articles of clothing. Additionally, we look to incorporate a community service project that will help others in need use what was made on a daily basis. 

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Also known as SAAC, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of two members of each varsity sport. They serve as a liaison between school administration, the NCAA, the GNAC and the student-athletes. They meet once a week to discuss topics that affect the student-athlete as well as accomplish community service projects.

Student Government Association (SGA)
SGA is the representative body for all students of Lasell College. SGA works to ensure that the needs of the student body are being met in on campus. It acts as the liaison for all students with faculty, administration, and trustees of the College. Committees on SGA represent the causes Lasell students are most concerned about and include the Food Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Values to Live by Committee,  Finance Committee and Academic Committee. SGA also plans events on campus such as Spirit Weekend, a time for student to represent their class with fun games and events.

Tennis Club
If you love the sport of tennis, this club is for you! The club meets once a week to practice and enjoy a game of tennis on Lasell's outdoor courts. All students are welcome to come and participate, even if you haven't played before.

The Compendium: Literary Art Journal
The Compendium Arts Journal publishes works of fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, and visual art by faculty, students, alumni, and Lasell Village residents.

Tomorrow's Teachers
Tomorrow's Teachers is about forming a sense of community, collaboration and support with fellow education majors of all grade levels. we have MTEL study sessions, support the freshmen on what it is like to be an upperclassmen and what their years ahead have in store, support those in our current classes by holding study groups and working on class projects together, and more! Being an education major can be stressful, but through Tomorrow's Teachers we hope to form our own "ED Family" and graduate some of Massachusetts' top teachers from right here at Lasell

Ultimate Frisbee Club
The Lasell Lasers Ultimate Frisbee Club team is formed to help students learn the game of Ultimate Frisbee, meet new people, make new friensd, get active, and build teamwork/sportsmanship qualities in all of it's participants.