Residential Life

Residential Housing offers a unique experience for students who choose to live on campus. Like the classroom environment, Lasell prides itself on having small residential communities. The residential system is comprised of 26 residential buildings. At Lasell, we offer three distinct living options for our students: traditional residence halls, suite-style housing and residence houses.

Resident students have the additional option of living in one of several special interest housing communities in our halls and houses.  The list below indicates the current special interest living options for the 2015-16 academic year:

  • Quiet Study (Mott and Ordway Houses)
    Students choosing to live in quiet/study housing agree to maintain a quiet environment conducive to studying. 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect between 7 p.m. on Sunday and 4 p.m. on Friday. Weekends will have a combination of quiet and courtesy hours. Quiet hours are those times when there will be no unreasonable noise. Courtesy hours are those times when excessive noise will not be allowed.
  • Community Service (Keever House)
    Students choosing to live in our community service house agree to participate in house community meets and complete a number of community service hours each semester. All service house guidelines are established and maintained in partnership with the College's Center for Community-Based Learning.
  • Gender Neutral Housing (First Floor of East Hall)
    Gender neutral housing provides options for students in the process of discovering their gender identity and helps create an environment that acknowledges, appreciates, and respects the diverse nature of the student body at Lasell College. Gender neutral housing provides options for transgender students in the process of discovering their gender identity; gay or bisexual students; students who feel uncomfortable rooming with members of the same gender; intersexed students who do not wish to be identified by any gender; and students who feel they would be more compatible with a roommate of a different gender.
  • Wellness Housing (Briggs House)
    Students living in Wellness housing commit themselves to a healthy lifestyle that focuses on balanced living in a variety of areas, including nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships, and substance-free living.  All students who select or are assigned to wellness housing agree to refrain the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Students found in violation of this agreement may be required to leave the community.  Depending on the interests of the residents of the house, special programming may include: community dinners, presentations on the mind-body connection, yoga and exercise, stress reduction, and spirituality.
  • All Female Housing (Carpenter House, Gardner House, Saunders House, and Van Winkle Hall)
    Students who select or are assigned to all female housing must accompany male guests at all times. Male guests and visitors must be approved by all roommates before visiting an all female community.
  • Alcohol-Free Housing (Briggs House, Carpenter House, East Hall, Gardner House, Holt Hall, McClelland Hall, Mott House, North Hall, Ordway Hall, Rockwell Hall, Van Winkle Hall, West Hall, and Woodland Hall)
    Students residing in "dry" housing will not be permitted to have alcoholic beverages or empty alcohol containers in the building. This guideline is applied equally to all students living in the building regardless of age; and to all students entering these buildings regardless of age and place of residence.

If you have questions, please call the Office of Residential Life/Student Affairs at 617-243-2124 or email

Faculty Profile

Laura Commins, M.A.Visiting Assistant Professor of HistoryProfessor Laura Commins is a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Lasell College.  



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