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In Memoriam

Vivien Ash Gallagher (right) with friends from the Class of 1964 at their 50th Reunion, pictured left to right: Sue Coster Malsin, Sue Yates Kindelan, Jan Slocum, Claire Monahan Knox, and Gallagher.Vivien Ash Gallagher '64, a dedicated alumna who served on the Lasell Board of Overseers and took great pride in supporting the institution's growth through the years, died on November 30, 2019, in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Gallagher was a dedicated letter writer even in the era of email and texting and faithfully corresponded with many of her classmates because, in her words, "everyone enjoys receiving a letter, no matter how brief."

She was particularly close to Claire Monahan Knox '64, Susan Coster Malsin '64, and Jan Slocum '64, who all met in Woodland Hall in 1962. The four classmates stayed in close touch, frequently visiting each other and twice traveling together to Key West, Florida, for vacation. Gallagher served as Malsin's maid of honor at her wedding.

"They remained friends through the years and shared in life's ups and downs," says Jeff Gallagher, Vivien's husband of 29 years. "Lasell and her friends were very important to Vivien."

She joined the Board of Overseers in 2012; attended a number of her class reunions and served as co-chair for her 45th Reunion in 2009; and made annual gifts to The Lasell Fund for nearly 40 years.

Gallagher worked for U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security, receiving many awards for her performance. An avid reader, she volunteered as a tutor with literacy organizations.

"She made the sun shine every day," Jeff remembers. In addition to her husband, she is survived by her three children, Molly, Donald, and Leslie.

Bradford Allen

Bradford "Brad" Allen, a former mathematics professor known for his supportive and student-centered approach to teaching, died of brain cancer on November 25, 2019. He was 67. Allen taught for 13 years at Lasell and published more than 40 articles(sometimes in collaboration with Lasell students) and made some 20 academic presentations about his research throughout his career.

Sylvia GoodmanSylvia Block Goodman, a beloved professor who taught biology at Lasell  for 25 years and served as chair of  the science department for some time, died on January 27, 2020. After retiring from Lasell in 1989, she enjoyed world travel, volunteering at Boston's Museum of Science, playing golf and bridge, and spending time with her family  and friends.

Images courtesy of the Winslow Archives at Lasell University

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