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Dear Members of the Lasell University Community,

Edward Lasell founded our institution to express his affinity for educating students in both the classics and practical aspects of everyday life.

Connected Learning has evolved over 169 years at Lasell - but it remains rooted in that initial interest in uniting people under a common theme.

President Alexander's call for physical distancing and social connecting during this unprecedented situation is a timely reminder of how important it is to stay in touch.

Your affinity for Lasell may stem from a number of areas. Maybe it is the time you spent as an athlete or member of the Campus Activities Board. Perhaps your fondest memories involve your student making the Dean's List, or your first time out on the Charles on River Day. You may feel the strongest connection to Lasell through experiences as a first generation student or as a sustainability advocate on campus. 

Just as your ties to Lasell will vary based on personal experience, so will your engagement.

In this issue of Leaves, we look at the growth of affinity groups and encourage you to think about whether your connection to different parts of Lasell might lead to new connections with one another.

I recently had a parent tell me that their son was a better human being for having been a part of the men's lacrosse team. That is how engagement makes a difference in lives.

Whatever the combination of experiences might be for you, they create a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts. At Lasell University and in the world, you will never be defined by just one factor - which means that your opportunities for engagement are just as boundless.

Kathleen O'Connor Signature

Kathleen O'Connor 
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Photo by Margaret Brochu