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Dear Members of the Lasell University Community,

When sailing into a bracing wind, one must tack often in order to make steady progress forward.

Lasell's approach to the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of frequent consultation and consideration of our entire community's best interests. It has not been easy - no situation like this one could be. It is often necessary to make mid-course corrections. Through recent months and moving forward, we have continued to pull together as a community, help one another, and reach out virtual hands of kindness, even when our wrists have been bound.

Our cover story for this issue of Leaves focuses on environmental sustainability. Aptly titled "Your Move," the piece highlights community research on the impact of personal habits on the future of our world. I cannot think of a more important time than now to reflect on the power of our individual behaviors. When faced with global challenges, every individual move counts.

As we endure the peaks of this unprecedented situation, I hope you will take time to connect with others and expand your friendships and professional networks. It is perhaps as great a challenge as we have faced to maintain our connections with each other while being required to stay physically distant. It will require creativity and resolve for us to maintain and even strengthen our social web of interdependence during this period of isolation. As Vice President O'Connor shares in her note, your Lasell affinity groups can be a fantastic source of such support.

We all have our roles to play as we collectively navigate the headwinds. Find new ties to old friends. Connect with new people. Use your skills and resources to support and lift up others. Take care of yourself and your families and make the best decisions you can in uncertain times. Let us know how Lasell can help you.

Like everything during this crisis, any direction we sail will require sacrifice and endurance, patience and caution. I have never been prouder to sail with you than now.

Michael B. Alexander Signature

Michael B. Alexander
President, Lasell University