Residential Facilities


All of the exterior doors of the campus residences are kept locked 24 hours a day.  Students are required to use the identified main door(s) of their residence building (the door for which they have a key or swipe card) as the only point of entrance into, and departure from, the building.  The identified main door(s) is the only means by which students are permitted to enter or exit a residential building.  Students are not to remove screens from their windows at any time, and may not enter or exit a building through a window.

In an effort to keep the residence buildings secure, we ask that the exterior doors to the halls never be propped open.  Tampering with the locking mechanism of any exterior door may present a serious safety concern, and students found to be responsible for such actions will face sanctioning through the college's Conduct System.  Students are encouraged to keep their room doors locked at all times when they are not in their rooms, and when they are asleep.  


Health and Safety Inspections

Other Residential Areas

Room/Building Condition and Damage