Lasell Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems

Lasell College and Lasell Village (Lasell) maintains information technology and services which are essential to the mission of these organizations. All employees (including student employees), students and residents of Lasell College and Lasell Village, guests and affiliates of Lasell (Lasell Community) are obliged to use the information technology appropriately and lawfully and maintain the college's values of integrity, honesty, and ethical decision making.  Upon acceptance of your account information and agreement to follow these procedures, you will be granted access to Lasell's information technology.

Some departments on campus may have additional policies and procedures that apply to the use of information technology within those departments. In addition to this Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems document, the use of these information technologies is governed by the Student and Employee Handbooks, Written Information Security Plan, Record Retention and Disposition Policy, and all other college policies and procedures.

These procedures apply to all users of information technology resources owned or managed by Lasell College and/or Lasell Village. Individuals covered by the document include (but are not limited to) Lasell full-time and adjunct faculty, staff, students, Lasell Village residents, guests or agents of the administration, external individuals and organizations accessing network services via Lasell College's information technology facilities.

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems

Information technology consists of, but is not limited to, computer hardware devices, software, databases, audiovisual equipment, multimedia, information services the college is subscribed to, telephone systems, mobile devices, cable television, computer networks, data, wiring, infrastructure and other information systems that are made available to support and facilitate the missions of Lasell College and Lasell Village.

The Lasell Community and affiliates must satisfy the requirements outlined below.

  • Comply with intended use of Lasell's information technology, processes and services
    Circumventing Lasell's technical, administrative, or process controls is prohibited. One should not cause, intentionally or not, disruption to day-to-day or "normal" activity on Lasell's information systems unless official authority is given to do so.
  • Respect Lasell Policies and local, state, and federal laws
    Lasell College and Lasell Village are subject to and must comply with the federal, state and local legislations. Lasell forbids the use of its resources for activities such as sharing, selling or subversion of Lasell information technology, services, or data which is outside of official authority. Under no circumstances may anyone use information technology and services in ways that threaten Lasell's tax-exempt or other statuses.
  • Ensure ethical use of Lasell information technology and services
    Use of any Lasell information system or service for unethical or illegal activity or personal gain is prohibited. Harassment, violation of privacy, inappropriate data use, forgery or other misrepresentation of one's identity, and attacks using Lasell information technology are some examples of unethical activities.
  • Respect personal property
    Data pertaining to the security protection and/or mechanisms of Lasell technology assets, including, but not limited to, system administrative passwords, key codes, and firewall policy definitions, must be kept in the strictest confidence, and may not be disclosed or intentionally discovered without official authority. The Lasell Community and affiliates must respect the propriety rights of those within or outside the Lasell Community. Use of or sharing Lasell information systems and services with those outside the Lasell Community is forbidden unless official authority is given to do so.

Standard 1: Network and Lasell Owned Computer Usage Standard

Standard 2: Electronic Communication and Social Network Usage

Standard 3: Responsible Copyright Standard

Standard 4: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Standard – Employees and Affiliates Only

Standard 5: Monitoring of Information Technology

Standard 6: Indemnification and Compliance