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Lasell College is committed to insuring the safety and security of all members of the community.  As a means to providing an effective and efficient response to any emergency or disaster that may occur on campus, the college has prepared an in-depth Emergency Response and Management Plan.  This plan serves as a guide and resource that can be utilized in the event of any campus emergency.  It provides procedures for insuring the safety of all members of the community and the methods and steps necessary to return the college to normal operations as soon as possible after an emergency.  Most importantly it was designed so that it is easy to use and follow by everyone.  Members of the faculty and staff receive annual training in the use of the plan.  Some of the many aspects of the emergency plan include Emergency Text Messaging, Lasell Emergency Net and the Lasell College Emergency Guides which are described briefly below. 

Emergency Text Messaging
As part of the Emergency Response and Management Plan we have instituted an Emergency Text Messaging System on campus.  Sign up is free and the list of users remains confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of Lasell College.  This prevents individuals from receiving advertisements, "SPAM" text messages, or any other annoying messages.  This system will be used to provide immediate notification (or timely information) to the community during emergencies or disasters when deemed necessary.  Members of the Senior Management Team work in conjunction with the Campus Police to determine when an Emergency Alert should be sent.  In addition to emergency notifications, the system will be used to notify the members of all weather related school closings.  

All members of the community are urged to sign up for this system in order to remain informed of situations that require notification.  To sign up go to MyLasell and follow the instructions; it's simple and quick to do.

Lasell Emergency Net
In the event of a campus-wide emergency or closure of the college, information and instructions will be posted on the Lasell Emergency Net page for faculty, staff, students, parents, and media.  This page can be accessed via the internet at

Emergency Guides  
Emergency Guides have been placed on every floor in every building on campus.  They have been mounted next to all phones in common areas throughout campus and in all of the building lobbies.  These guides provide individuals with information on reporting emergencies, actions to take for medical emergencies, along with what to do in case of a fire or other natural or manmade disaster.  They also provide information on building evacuations and a map with the location of all Emergency Phones on campus. 

More Information: Emergency Preparedness

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