Administrative Services

Michael B. Alexander
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Dr. Kathleen M. O'Connor
Executive Assistant to the President
Pamela Faria
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. James M. Ostrow
Vice President of Student Affairs
Diane M. Austin
Vice President for Lasell Village
Dr. Paula Panchuck
Vice President for Business and Finance
Dr. Michael Hoyle
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Dean Hickey

Office of the President

Academic Offices

Enrollment Management


Financial and Business Affairs

Institutional Advancement

Student Affairs

Vice President of Student Affairs
Diane M. Austin
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2124

Dean of Student Affairs
David J. Hennessey
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2124

Director of Athletics
Kristy Walter
Athletic Center, 617-243-2147 

Assistant Director of Athletics
Tim Dunton
Forest Hall, 617-243-2213 

Sports Information Director
Forest Hall, 617-243-2232

Director of Student Activities and Orientation
Jennifer Granger
Arnow Campus Center, 617-243-2475

Assistant Director of Student Activities
Sarah Richardson
Arnow Campus Center, 617-243-2475

Coordinator for Student Organizations
Justin Bruce
Arnow Campus Center, 617-243-2475

Director of Health Services/Nurse Practitioner
Lisa Pearlman
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2217

Nurse Practitioner
Ann Sherman
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2216

Nurse Practitioner
Jennifer O'Keefe
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2077

Cynthia Hunt, M.D.
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2218

Director of the Counseling Center
Janice Fletcher
Case House, 617-243-2451

Sabrina Ferris
Case House, 617-243-2451

Health Educator/Counselor
Katie McCarthy
Case House, 617-243-2451

Jennifer Leszkiewicz
Case House, 617-243-2451

Manager, Sodexo Food Services Valentine Dining Hall
Mairead Van Heest
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2164

Director of Residential Life
Peter Wiernicki
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2124

Coordinator of Housing Operations
Elisa Scarsella
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2140

Area Coordinator
Patricia Moran
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2128

Area Coordinator
Rob Harrington
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2015

Area Coordinator
Alycia Maffeo
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2129
Area Coordinator

Jeremy LaPointe
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2123

Area Coordinator
Von Purnell, Jr.
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2082

Director of Career Services
Donnell Turner
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2125

Career Counselor
Rachel Olivieri
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2056

Career Counselor
Jessica Orlando
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2307

Director of International Services
Lena Berc
Arnow Campus Center, 617-243-2094

Program Assistant for International Services and Student Activities
Kyle Benedict
Arnow Campus Center, 617-243-2379

Director of Disability Services/Conduct System Coordinator
Scott Lamphere
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2115

Director of the Center for Spiritual Life
Rev. Dr. Thomas Sullivan
Case House, 617-243-2059

Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
Hillary Capeless
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2124

Counseling and Health Services Administrative Assistant
Caroline Nyaga
Edwards Student Center, 617-243-2451

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