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Refund Policies

Student Account with a Credit Balance
Credit balances for enrolled students will remain on the account unless requested by the student. Refunds will be issued within three weeks of the request and will only be made payable to the student. Refunds occurring as a result of excess loans or financial aid will not be issued until all of the loan and/or aid funds have been received by Lasell College. Students who request refunds prior to the end of the academic year understand that, if additional charges are assessed and/or financial aid is adjusted following the issuance of a refund check, a balance may be due to the College.

Course Drop/Withdrawal
Graduate students who drop or withdraw from a 14-week course follow the Withdrawal Schedule that appears in the Undergraduate Fees and Expenses section of this catalog. This schedule applies to students who have completed the appropriate steps to cancel enrollment at Lasell College. Non-attendance does not relieve the student of financial obligation or imply entitlement to a refund. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 617.243.2133 for proper procedures. For purposes of recalculating charges and fees, no differentiation is made between voluntary withdrawal, administrative withdrawal, or academic suspension.

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