General Education Core & Areas of Inquiry

Undergraduate General Education Core
Fulfillment of the General Education Core helps to ensure that students gain the necessary skills and the breadth of knowledge needed to be responsible, competent, and contributing members of a diverse and increasingly technological society, both within and beyond their chosen professions. The General Education Core establishes the basis for lifelong learning after graduation from the College.

General Education Areas of Inquiry (21-23 credits)
The first five of the seven General Education Areas of Inquiry (AI) must be fulfilled with courses in the Arts & Sciences. A single course may not be used to fulfill more than one Area of Inquiry unless otherwise allowed under a specific Major's course requirements. In certain Majors, designated course requirements fulfill some of the Areas of Inquiry, as noted in the catalog.

General Education Core Continued

The goal is that upon completion of a baccalaureate degree at Lasell College, students will be able to:

  • Read and respond in an informed and discerning way to written texts of different genres
  • Write clear, well-organized, persuasive prose
  • Use listening and speaking skills to express ideas and information clearly and confidently in a variety of settings
  • Apply quantitative reasoning to solve problems effectively
  • Use appropriate technological tools to solve problems efficiently
  • Collect, analyze, and synthesize appropriate data and sources effectively, ethically, and legally
  • Experience modes of self-expression and creativity
  • Work effectively in collaborative settings
  • Apply the process of scientific inquiry to comprehend the physical world and to solve problems
  • Interpret and analyze the complex interrelationships and inequities in human societies in a global and historical context
  • Evaluate and understand how individual differences in mental processes and behaviors relate to beliefs, values, and interactions
  • Analyze how meanings and knowledge are created by diverse cultures and how they evolve over time
  • Respond critically and analytically to moral issues and make informed, ethical decisions
  • Participate actively as a citizen in local and global communities

All Lasell College students are required to complete 30-35 credits in the General Education Core. All of these learning outcomes are emphasized and reinforced within the majors, as well as in the General Education Core, which consists of the First Year Seminar, Foundational Competencies, and Areas of Inquiry:
First Year Seminar (3 credits)
First Year Seminar: FYS 103 or for Honors students, HON 101
Foundational Competencies (6-9 credits) • Writing: ENG 101/102 (6 credits)

All incoming students must be enrolled in an English Writing course in each of their first two semesters at Lasell College (allowing for exceptions based upon transfer credit). Students must receive a grade of "C" or higher in order to pass these courses.

Any students who have not completed the English Writing requirement at the conclusion of their third semester at the College are required to enroll in a course to complete that requirement in their fourth semester. The registrar will place an enrollment hold on those students who do not do so.

Any students who have not completed the English Writing requirement at the conclusion of their fourth semester at the College will be placed on academic probation.

Students placing into MATH 103 are required to complete the course successfully within their first two semesters at Lasell College. It is strongly recommended that they register for MATH 103 in their first semester.• Mathematics: MATH 103 or test out (0-3 credits)

Additionally, all students at Lasell College build on foundational competencies in writing through writing-intensive courses in each major; they develop competency in computer literacy through assignments and projects utilizing information technology across the curriculum, and in oral communication in FYS and through presentation-intensive courses in every major. As part of Lasell's commitment to civic responsibility, all students typically engage in some form of service-learning as part of their general education core or through their majors.

Majors Requiring a Foreign Language

Aesthetic - Area of Inquiry

Historical - Area of Inquiry

Multicultural - Area of Inquiry

Psychological and Societal - Area of Inquiry

Scientific - Area of Inquiry

Quantitative - Area of Inquiry

Moral and Ethical - Area of Inquiry