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by Ian Meropol

Completed in January 2019, the Lasell University TV studio is home to a full control room and production studio. The former includes four seats for teleprompting, graphics, technical directing, and audio production. The latter is equipped with three 4K Ultra HD Blackmagic studio cameras, each outfitted with a teleprompter. 

Previously, students and faculty interested in TV production spent time at a local off-campus studio, owned by NewTV. With that technology now available on campus, students in COM304 - TV Studio Production - produce 12 one-minute public service announcements and four 30-minute episodes of the University's original show, Must See Movies. In addition, Lasell Community TV (LCTV) produces Lasell Weekly, an original, student-run news magazine show. 

"The studio provides a professional space for our community to produce multi-camera videos, complete with live graphics and video roll-in," said Brian Wardyga, professor of communication and manager of LCTV and WLAS, the University's radio station.

"We've advocated for a TV studio for a long time, and I'm thrilled to see it come to fruition," he said.

Photo by Matthew Searth '21