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The Lasell community does not stand still. We are forever in motion, embracing new opportunities. Constantly growing and changing to meet new challenges.

On August 13, 2019, we made a historic announcement. Lasell College became Lasell University.

The college that connected students with professional outcomes is now the university that creates even more opportunities. We opened new schools and built new facilities. We announced new partnerships, added faculty, and created new graduate programs. We became an official Google partner, and fostered inter-generational learning through Lasell Village. We doubled down on our ability to prepare students to thrive in the 21st century.

And so, the college that has always pursued greatness, became the university helping students advance to their own personal definition of greatness.

This latest chapter in our history is not a destination or an end point. It is part of an ongoing evolution that started in 1851, and continues to this day. In this unprecedented time of change, Lasell has flexed to meet profound new challenges - for higher education and those who seek its benefits.

This historic step would not be possible without the support and commitment of all the people who make Lasell a unique institution - our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Newton community.

We are Lasell University. Forever forward.

What's Next for Lasell?
by Ian Meropol

Lasell University's foothold in Connected Learning and its commitment to a student-first, high quality private education will never waver.

What will change as we enter this new era in higher education is our investment in the division of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS). This is a direct result of changes in the global job market. "The way things have always been done" has never been an acceptable approach to anything, especially education and career preparation. 

There is a growing thirst among working adults for continued educational opportunities that don't necessarily take the format of bachelor's or master's degrees. In response to this, the future of Lasell University includes non-degree programs that cater to industry needs. Professional badges, certificates, and short-term online programs are the type of tailored educational services that industries are starting to seek. Lasell University has the ability to provide them.

As we grow, so will our alumni base. Our ability to engage alumni from every program, across every generation, is paramount to the future of Lasell University.

The hope is that members of the Lasell community - especially alumni - will share the work we are doing in higher education with their network. Alumni are our greatest ambassadors - no one can speak more passionately about Lasell than a fellow Laser. 

Lasell University Unveils New Logo & Brand Identity

New name, new brand, same rich history.

As Lasell moved to university status, its brand identity shifted to reflect what has been and what will be for the institution. 

"The new visual identity maintains the tradition of our institution," says Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Lynett G'12.

"The fonts, for example, signify reverence for the past and future, and the new shield is a mark that students and alumni can associate with us as a University."

Logos throughout the years

Logos and Seals from Lasell throughout the years: L to R: Auburndale Female Seminary (1851), Lasell Seminary Seal (1908), Lasell Seminary for Young Women (1889), Lasell Junior College (1952), Lasell Junior College Seal (1932), Lasell College logos from 1992, 2002, and 2009, Lasell College seal from 1990