Community Letter Fall 2021

Dear members of the Lasell community,

A good university magazine serves as an institution’s publication of record, sharing news from campus, profiling talented students, documenting faculty accomplishments, and chronicling the post-graduation lives of alumni.

A great university magazine does all of that — and much more. Through words and images, a great magazine tells the school’s story and reveals the essence of what makes it unique. Readers learn about how faculty and staff change the trajectory of students’ lives, and discover the ways the student experience forever shapes the lives of alumni. A great magazine reminds alumni of their days on campus and enhances their connections to each other and the institution.

We are continually striving to produce a great magazine for the Lasell community — and we need
your help. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like about Leaves. Suggest ideas for feature stories, profiles, or videos. I encourage you to email me with your feedback at

In this issue of Leaves, I hope you will enjoy our cover story about how our distinctive Victorian homes define the Lasell experience for their residents. Make sure to read the inspiring story of alumni adapting to changing conditions in the workplace caused by COVID-19. Of course, check out Class Notes to see what alumni from the ages of 22 to 100 have been doing. I invite you to join the more than 130 alumni who submitted Class Notes for this issue by sending us a blurb for the spring edition.

We hope to hear from you as we seek to create the great university magazine that our community
deserves. Happy reading!

Chelsea Gwyther
Vice President of University Advancement

P.S. We encourage you to stop by Irwin House to visit the University Advancement team, including
our canine ambassador, Lito.