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MS in Communication: Public Relations


Master of Science in Communication

Developing relationships with the media, the government, and the community at large is an indispensable function at a wide range of businesses and organizations. By earning a public relations degree, you will develop knowledge and skills in legal and ethical issues, analytics, theory, and creative practice to become a leader in any organization or PR firm.

The 36 credits of coursework includes:

  • 21 credits of the core MS in Communication curriculum
  • 9 credits of Public Relations concentration courses
  • 6 credits of Communication electives
  • Capstone internship, research project, thesis, or comprehensive examination


MSC Core Requirements
COM701 Communication, Ethics, & Society 3
COM702 Organizational Communication 3
COM703 Communication Research 3
COM705 Media Relations 3
COM709 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution 3
COM738 Persuasion & Public Opinion 3
Choose 1 from the following:
COM796 Comprehensive Examination 3
COM797 Thesis 3
COM798 Special Study Project 3
COM799 Professional Internship 3
Concentration Courses
COM713 Writing for Public Relations 3
COM721 Principles of Public Relations 3
COM722 Crisis Communication 3

Two Electives: 6 credits
Students may take any courses offered at the graduate level to fulfill their elective credits

Course Schedule

<strong>Spring 2016 Course Schedule</strong>

Spring Main Session, 1/19-5/10
Spring Session I, 1/19-3/8
Spring Session II, 3/22-5/10


Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
COM 702 Organizational Communication Hybrid W. 1/20, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 703 Communication Research Hybrid T. 1/26, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 709 Negotiations & Conflict Research Hybrid T. 1/19, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 738 Persuasion & Public Opinion Hybrid M. 1/25, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 796 Comprehensive Examination Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 797 Thesis Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 798 Special Study Project Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 799 Professional Internship Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 701 Communication, Ethics, & Society Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 709 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 713 Writing for Public Relations Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 758 Branding Health Services Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 703 Communication Research Online Spring II 3/22-5/10
COM 721 Principles of Public Relations Online Spring II 3/22-5/10
COM 725 Advertising Online Spring II 3/22-5/10