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MS in Communication: Health Communication


Master of Science in Communication

As one of today’s most rapidly evolving industries, the healthcare field has high demand for knowledgeable, skilled communicators. In the Health Communication graduate program, you will acquire the skills to launch a health campaign or brand health services, and master the embedded ethical issues to advance your career at a hospital, biotech corporation, governmental agency, or non-profit organization.

The 36 credits of coursework includes:

  • 21 credits of the core MS in Communication curriculum
  • 9 credits of Health Communication concentration courses
  • 6 credits of Management or Communication electives
  • Capstone internship, research project, thesis, or comprehensive examination


MSC Core Requirements
COM701 Communication, Ethics, & Society 3
COM702 Organizational Communication 3
COM703 Communication Research 3
COM705 Media Relations 3
COM709 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution 3
COM738 Persuasion & Public Opinion 3
Choose 1 from the following:
COM796 Comprehensive Examination 3
COM797 Thesis 3
COM798 Special Study Project 3
COM799 Professional Internship 3
Concentration Courses
COM751 Health Communication 3
COM756 Health Promotions & Campaigns 3
COM758 Branding Health Services 3

Two Electives: 6 credits
Students may take any courses offered at the graduate level to fulfill their elective credits

Course Schedule

<strong>Spring 2016 Course Schedule</strong>

Spring Main Session, 1/19-5/10
Spring Session I, 1/19-3/8
Spring Session II, 3/22-5/10


Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
COM 702 Organizational Communication Hybrid W. 1/20, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 703 Communication Research Hybrid T. 1/26, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 709 Negotiations & Conflict Research Hybrid T. 1/19, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 738 Persuasion & Public Opinion Hybrid M. 1/25, 6:30-9 1/19-5/10
COM 796 Comprehensive Examination Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 797 Thesis Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 798 Special Study Project Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 799 Professional Internship Online TBA 1/19-5/10
COM 701 Communication, Ethics, & Society Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 709 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 713 Writing for Public Relations Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 758 Branding Health Services Online Spring I 1/19-3/8
COM 703 Communication Research Online Spring II 3/22-5/10
COM 721 Principles of Public Relations Online Spring II 3/22-5/10
COM 725 Advertising Online Spring II 3/22-5/10