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Sophomore Alternative Semester

Sophomore Alternative Semester

Sophomore Alternative Semester Fall 2018

Deadline has been extended

The Sophomore Alternative Semester (SAS) program allows students to pursue full-time online coursework, while working and living away from the Lasell campus. Students in the SAS program are required to work for 16 - 20 hours per week at a part-time job that is linked to the Professional Development Seminar, a 3-credit online course emphasizing professional exploration and development.

Students in the program are required to enroll in three or four additional academic online courses, for a total of 12 to 15 credits. The group of students enrolled in the program take all of their courses together as a single cohort. The cohort is limited to no more than 22 students. A second cohort will be considered if there is enough student interest.

As with Lasell's summer and winter online terms, all courses are offered at a reduced rate of $400 per credit hour, and no Lasell institutional aid is available. However, students are eligible for federal, state and outside financial aid.  The direct cost of the SAS program is dependent upon individual award packages. Below are some sample comparisons of costs based on actual students. To determine your individual costs and learn more about the program please contact Gillian Stanley, SAS Program Director at

SAS Eligibility:

To be eligible for the Sophomore Alternative Semester (SAS), students must:

  • submit the SAS application by Friday, March 23
  • have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher by the end of their first year of study
  • have successfully completed at least 24 credit hours by the end of their first year of study
  • be in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing
  • have off campus housing for the SAS term
  • have employment for 16- 20 hours a week while enrolled in the SAS term

Participants are required to secure and provide documentation of employment for 16- 20 hours a week while enrolled in SAS, and their employer must agree to participate in an evaluation process. Proof of employment is due by August 15, 2018.

SAS is open to all students; however, students in the following majors may best be able to accommodate the specific courses in their programs: Accounting; Finance; Management; Marketing; International Business; Entrepreneurship; Hospitality Management, Event Management; Resort & Casino Management; Fashion Merchandising; Fashion Communication; and Sport Management.  Students in most other majors will have sufficient flexibility to accommodate the SAS courses, to be determined in close consultation with their academic advisors.

The SAS program probably does not work as well for Athletic Training, Exercise Science, or Education students, because of their practicum requirements and lack of room for electives. However, all interested students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to explore the SAS option thoroughly.   

SAS Application:

Interested students must submit an application by Friday, March 23, to be considered for the SAS program. The student's Academic Advisor must approve the application. Applicants chosen to participate in the program will be notified at the beginning of the registration process for Fall 2018.

Students not selected for the SAS program may ask to be placed on a wait list, in case an opening in the program occurs; students may also apply after March 23 and if qualified, they will be added to the wait list. The College will inform wait-listed students of selection to the SAS program no later than August 4, 2018.

SAS Fall 2018 Course Offerings:

IDS 215X Professional Development Seminar 
(Required to have a part-time job, working 16 to 20 hours per week)
BUSS 224 Organizational Behavior 3
MATH 208 Statistics 3
SCI 118 SPT Forensic Science (KP) 3
MDSC 203 Persuading People, Preserving Planet 3

Each of the courses in the SAS program is either a requirement or beneficial elective for virtually every major at the College, ensuring that students who participate make progress towards their degree. Beyond that, participating students benefit from the innovative interdisciplinary ways in which the faculty collaborate on projects and make connections across courses, reinforcing the learning outcomes that are essential to success at Lasell and in their respective fields. In addition, the required Professional Development Seminar offers participating students a unique opportunity to get ahead on their path to a meaningful and fulfilling career, as they reflect on and improve their preparedness for the professional world while earning a salary at a part-time job.

Tuition and Financial Aid:

Qualified students participating in the SAS program can take 15 or 12 credits during the SAS semester.  The tuition cost to the student is $6,000 for 15 credits or $4,800 for 12 credits.  The standard comprehensive fee of $325 will also be charged.  Students are eligible for federal, state and outside financial aid. Due to the significant reduction in tuition costs, Lasell aid in the form of scholarships or grants is not available.  Furthermore, financial aid packages for the SAS semester are calculated to account for the lower tuition. 

All interested students are strongly encouraged to request a SAS Tuition Cost Analysis from Student Financial Services for an individualized assessment of tuition savings.

  • All returning students are required to make a non-refundable enrollment deposit:
    • $200 if you will be a commuter for the spring of 2019, following SAS
    • $400 if you plan to be a resident for the spring 2019, following SAS.  The deposit is due on March 21, 2018, and will secure on-campus housing for those who wish to live on campus in spring 2019.

Contact the Student Accounts Office and/ or Student Financial Planning directly for additional information.

SAS Support Services/Extra-Curricular Engagement:

  • Participants keep their first-year advisors while enrolled in SAS. Academic advisors are available via email, in-person, and by phone to offer guidance and support, help solve problems, and make referrals to support services to help ensure academic success.
  • Students have access to the Academic Achievement Center and tutors. In-person tutoring sessions are available to those who live within driving distance to, the Lasell online tutoring system, is a convenient and effective service, with a number of free tutoring hours for all Lasell College students.
  • Participants who are able to travel to campus are eligible to participate in athletics, clubs, and organizations during the SAS semester.
  • The Career Services Office is available to provide job search counseling to help secure a position that fulfills the part-time job requirement of the SAS program.
  • 24/7 IT Support is provided by the IT Technology Help Desk.
  • The Brennan Library staff and resources are available to SAS participants, online, in person, and by phone.
  • All required SAS course textbooks and materials can be purchased in person or online from Donahue's Bookstore. The Bookstore also offers a cost saving textbook rental program.
  • The SAS Webinar series provides online workshops to help participants be successful online learners. These 30 - 60 minute webinars are held 2-3 times a semester and cover topics such as Time Management and Online Library Research Skills.  Attendance is required of all SAS participants.
  • SAS Orientation scheduled for Reading Day, Wednesday, May 2, 2018 introduces students to all the resources available to help them succeed online in SAS. Students attending this session meet the other SAS students, as well as SAS faculty and staff.  Attendance is required of all SAS participants.

For additional questions, visit our FAQs page or contact your Academic Advisor or the SAS Program Director:

Gillian L. Stanley, M.A.
SAS Program Director
Holway House
1844 Commonwealth Ave
Newton, MA 02466
Tel: 617-243-2233