Footwear Design and Development Certificate is a 13-week professional certificate comprised of 4 courses that provide students with a comprehensive overview of the footwear industry while developing the necessary skills that lead to successful product design. Industry partners and instructors with extensive experience in design, materials, and production of footwear will provide key elements from concept through marketing in creating functional and fashionable shoes for contemporary consumers.  

Who should earn this certificate?

  • Clothing designers, merchandisers, shoe designers, and accessory designers who want to expand their understanding of shoe design, marketing and production
  • Students and job seekers who want to update their portfolio to include provocative design boards using cutting-edge tools, materials and color development.

Skill-based approach

Learn about all phases of footwear design and production from introduction to design processes, to biomechanics, best practices, and trends and market analytics all lead to a holistic understanding of how the industry works. Upon completion of the certificate, students with design experience will have adapted their skillset to include a unique area of product design. Students without design experience will acquire an important foundation of the major components of shoe design, production and marketing.


The curriculum is designed to provide both fashion design students and those with no design experience with the fundamentals of shoe design and development.

How to Register

The certificate requires digital skills to be in place before taking FASH910 - Shoe Design Basics. Students who need a foundation in digital technical skills will need to take a 2-week Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop course titled: FASH920 - Beginner Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.

 It takes just 10 minutes to register online. Admission documents are not required.

July 15 - Aug. 18 FASH910 Shoe Design Basics  $995
June 15 - June 29 FASH911 Materials & Color $995
Sept. 21 - Oct. 12 FASH912 Production Management   $750
Aug. 17 -Sept. 6 FASH913 Trends Analysis & Marketing  $495