Building Writing Confidence uses a research-based Writing Process method to break the often overwhelming process of writing and editing into manageable parts that, though they may take a bit more time before you begin will save you hours overall and allow you to be more confident when you submit your draft. By focusing on what questions to ask yourself as you come up with and develop ideas and then draft, proofread, and edit your pieces, the course will allow and encourage you to do more with your writing while using less time and effort.

Writing is a muscle. Let’s work out together!


Where: Online
Course Code: TBA
Cost: $495

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We are happy to accommodate groups that would like to take this class or organizations that would like to be invoiced for the course. Email us at profstudies@lasell.edu.

Who Should Take the Course

This course is applicable for:

Native speakers
New immigrants
ELL students
College applications
Research papers

About the instructor

Matt Robinson has taught writing, English, and other subjects for over 20 years. In this time, he has garnered two Masters in Education and found ways to support hundreds of students who vary widely in terms of their abilities and their perspectives on these abilities, encouraging them to become and to see themselves as capable writers.

Robinson has also been a professional writer and editor for 25 years, in which time he has have published more than 6,000 pieces (including hundreds about education). This professional experience not only helps Robinson teach more effectively, but it also helps students see that writing can be a valuable skill in school and in life.