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Short-term Objectives

Over the next 12 months, the following goals will advance us toward completing Vision 2022. We aim to complete these objectives by December 2018.

  • Hire one additional mental health counselor
  • Each school to identify two corporate partners and connect with at least one
  • Establish two certificate and two badge programs
  • Have 50 percent of first-year courses taught by full-time faculty by Fall 2018
  • Convert Klingbeil House into an intercultural center/commuter space

Long-term Objectives

The goals below collectively represent what we expect to find different about Lasell University by fall 2022, as compared to our current resources and metrics. Please note that the numbers below represent minimum thresholds for success; for example, we expect at least 700 graduate students by 2022, though the final number may be more.

  • Launch an online bachelor's degree program
  • Have 67 percent of undergraduate course sections taught by full-time faculty
  • Modernize and update Connected Learning to version 2.0
  • Create multiple certificate and digital badge programs
  • Have 65 percent of first-year courses taught by full-time faculty
Student Resources
  • Establish a new space for a commuter lounge and increase commuters' engagement in cross-campus activities
  • Combine career services and internship functions
  • Hire one additional mental health counselor
  • Enroll 700 graduate students (per semester)
  • Increase Shoulder-to-Shoulder program offerings from four to eight
  •  Identify four corporate partners for each school
  • Buy WorkDay or equivalent and implement within 18 months
  • Achieve 25 percent growth in auxiliary income, including through increased summer use of campus facilities
  • Raise 50 percent of money necessary to build new Athletic Center
  • Grow to a $65 million endowment
  • Create a dedicated space for intercultural and non-traditional students
  • Build a center for health/wellness/recreation
  • Renovate and expand Edwards Student Center