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Strategic Plan | Vision 2022

Mission Statement

We immerse students in experiential and collaborative learning that fosters lifelong intellectual exploration and social responsibility.

At Lasell University, we pride ourselves on our commitment to community involvement and how that involvement helps shape the future of our University. After a six-month process that involved seven town meetings on campus, discussions among our Board of Trustees, and a weekend-long retreat with faculty, staff, students, Trustees, Lasell Village Residents, and neighbors, we have produced a high-level strategic plan that will ground our vision for what we will accomplish over the next five years. Both the goals and short-term objectives in this report signify an ongoing investment in the quality of our academic programs, student resources, and facilities. We look forward to making great strides in the years to come, thanks to the consensus reached throughout this process. My deepest thanks to all who took part in this vital endeavor.

Michael B. Alexander