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Campus Master Plan

  1. As a natural continuation of the 5 year Strategic Plan and to identify a long term strategy for growth.
  2. As a support to the academic mission of the University.
  3. To foster better communication with Newton.
  4. To identify potential land-holding opportunities that will support future growth.
  5. To anticipate change.

Almost by definition, any master plan starts to be out of date as soon as it is completed, but that is the most important reason why they should be done. Campuses are not static entities; they are constantly changing - physically, socially, pedagogically, even economically. Without a firm vision, in the form of a master plan, this change can be chaotic, responding only to the whims of the present with little or no long-term commitment or goal. The best campuses grow over time with some gauge for current and future actions. Those that do so are able to keep their best inherent qualities and change by building on or enhancing those qualities.

Lasell University has experienced dramatic growth over the past twenty years, expanding physically in ways not seen before in the history of the University.

Although the campus master plan was developed in 2008, it is still valid today and Lasell is developing its campus in a way consistent with the campus master plan.