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Psychology Lab Garners Accolades

October 05, 2018

The Cognition and Aging Lab at Lasell College was created in 2014 under the direction of Dr. Zane Zheng, assistant professor of psychology. The lab focuses on the study of cognitive processes that people use every day, particularly those that support speech communication and body perception.

Professor Zane Zheng runs an aging and cognition lab with psychology students

Why do some people need to focus 100 percent on an ongoing conversation while others can multitask? Why can some people monitor their own bodies so closely while others may fail to do so? These are some of the questions that a group of Lasell students research under Professor Zheng's direction. 

"The morale of the lab has exceeded my expectations, due both to the incredibly bright and motivated students I have been fortunate to work with and to the generous support provided by the College," said Zheng. "My hope is for the lab to develop into an active learning space where students can not only gain hands-on experience in research but tackle some of the interesting real-world problems." 

Professor Zane Zheng conducting a test in his cognition and aging lab at Lasell College, where he works with psychology students

Below are some recent accolades that have come directly from work done by Professor Zheng and Lasell students:  

  • In September, Professor Zheng was recognized by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology with a Teacher/Scholar Travel Award. He will present a new study on affective judgment of body perception at the annual convention in February 2019 in Portland, Oregon.
  • In August, Professor Zheng and his students published a study in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, which examined the impact of cognitive control on self-body awareness.
  • Late last year, Zheng and a former student published an article in Psychological Reports, titled "A Desire for Social Media is Associated with a Desire for Solitary but not Social Activities."
  • In 2017, Professor Zheng was recognized with an APA International Conference Award to present a study on the attention-modulated effects of word frequency on speech communication.

Professor Zheng received his undergraduate degree from Wuhan University in China and holds graduate degrees from McMaster University and Queens University in Canada.

Photos by Margaret Brochu '20