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Gratitude Abounds

March 27, 2018

The Lasell College Student Alumni Association (SAA) will host its third annual Thank-A-Giver (TAG) Day on April 3, providing the chance for students to participate in activities acknowledging the generosity of alumni and friends who have made gifts to the college.

The event will take place in the Science and Technology Center from 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., with food, prizes, a photo booth, and a guest appearance by Boomer. Students are encouraged to attend and write thank you letters to donors, to sign their name on a thank-you banner, and to learn more about how donations to the Lasell Fund support campus activities.

TAG Day organizers James Rossano '18 and Hailee Walsh '19 hope to use this year's event as a way to connect students with the philanthropists who make their favorite aspects of Lasell possible.

"Many students do not necessarily realize that tuition only covers so much," said Rossano. "We take a day to thank all of our donors for the year to date and hope all students take part in thanking those who help provide the incredible opportunities we are offered."

Those who cannot make it to the Science and Technology Center that day are encouraged to stop by pop-up TAG Day locations around campus including Valentine Dining Hall, Glow Lounge, and the Arnow Student Center. Signs will also be placed around campus on buildings, classrooms, and resources made possible by donors.

TAG Day was launched in spring 2016 to broaden campus perspective about the impact of philanthropy on everyday activities. Donors to the college provide funding for scholarships, service learning initiatives, guest speakers, internship stipends, new facilities, and more.