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Students, Lasell Villagers Get Out the Vote

November 04, 2016

In an intergenerational class project, students of Lecturer Howard Shoklin's Media Relations class have worked in recent weeks to "get out the vote" ahead of the Presidential election on November 8.

The students, and residents of Lasell Village, have joined forces to educate students about how to register and the importance of voting. They spent time in groups outside the Brennan Library and Valentine Dining Hall during busy times to reach out to campus voters.

The project stemmed from an intergenerational course taught in the Spring by Professor Sharyn Lowenstein called Serving Learning to Make a Difference, in which the intergenerational class determined that their service project would focus on voting. At the time, the class created a website with information about then-primary candidates. Since then, the site has been tweaked to focus on the general election.

This Fall, Sholkin's class picked up the project and also created informational posters, worked with President Michael Alexander to send a community email and developed "vote" stickers.

Also during the class this Fall, several Village residents including Sallie Katz, Jane Hyman, Harvey Swack, and Ellie Ramsey, joined a few classes and shared their perspectives about voting and how to encourage people to vote.

The photo of students above was taken outside Valentine. (L-R) Amer Aldousari, Saad Aldossary, Harvey Swack, Lasell Village resident, Alexandra Perrault, Lauren Ahern, and Amer Alguraid.