State Board of Higher Education Approves New Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice

State Board of Higher Education Approves New Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice

December 17, 2014

The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education has approved a new Master's degree in Criminal Justice at Lasell that will offer students multiple concentrations in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Violence Prevention and Advocacy as well as a flexible Criminal Justice option. The online program launches in Fall 2015.

With several concentration options, the new Master of Science in Criminal Justice at Lasell is distinct among criminal justice graduate programs. In addition, the program adheres to standards developed by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) and the Quinn Bill in Massachusetts, which outlines competencies for programs targeted toward police officers.

"Lasell is excited to offer graduate students a comprehensive degree program in Criminal Justice that will prepare them for a number of new careers in the field," said Linda Bucci, chair of Lasell's Justice Studies Department. "The program is unique because the degree will target the public and private spheres as well as for-profit and non-profit corporations and institutions."

In the Emergency and Crisis Management concentration individuals will learn to prepare and respond to major disasters, whether natural or man-made, both at the local and national levels.

The Homeland Security and Global Justice concentration prepares students to be able to handle threats to public security while giving them a foundation in terrorism studies, law and policy, and security.

The Violence Prevention and Advocacy concentration offers professionals in healthcare, public health, public policy, education, colleges, Title IX administration, non-profits and human services' fields the ability to specialize in violence prevention and advocacy with either a certificate or full Master's Degree.

The general Criminal Justice degree option allows students to custom design their graduate program while meeting a requirement of seven core Criminal Justice courses and two electives.

Another unique feature of the new program is the College's Connected Learning educational philosophy, which enables students to combine classwork with real world experience.

According to Joan Dolamore, Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies at Lasell, students will be required to reflect what they have learned in class through their participation in internships.

For example, in the Risk Management and Planning course, students will be asked to review their company's risk management and planning documents and provide a critique and analysis.

The new master's program will have six start-up times during the year and allows up to six credits in transfer. The program also offers a 5-year program that is open to Lasell undergraduate students and external undergraduate applicants who meet the requirements. More information is available online.