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May 03, 2018

Thirty-eight presentations. Five interschool discussions. Four art showcases. Three clinical sessions. Two runway shows. One concert.

Over the course of five days, Lasell College students showcased their talent and skill through presentations, hands-on clinics, exhibits, and performances. The Spring Connected Learning Symposium began on April 24 with a full day of programming, and extended throughout the weekend with the college's annual runway shows and presentation of writing awards.  

Individual presentations included poster sessions on media ethics, domestic violence, and intergenerational leadership, to name a few. Alix Livis '18 shared her project, "The Undeniable Effect the Fashion Industry Has On Female Body Image," which utilized research on the evolving role of body mass index, or BMI, on fashion trends. Documents from as early as 1900 and as recent as 2010 helped her deduce that an era's zeitgeist, or ideals and beliefs of the time, have the most influence on the public's image of an ideal body type. Fashion, she concluded, tends to follow suit.  

Studio 1851 at Lasell College Spring Connected Learning Symposium 2018

Chase Swift '18 explored ways in which police K-9 deaths might be prevented. The criminal justice major used secondary data analysis to look at national trends and concluded that most K-9 deaths occur as a result of gunfire and heat exhaustion. He proposed that K-9s should be equipped with bulletproof vests and devices such as the Hot-n-Pop Pro, which set off an alarm when overheating occurs.  

In the Science and Technology Center, athletic training and exercise science students conducted posture analyses and functional movement screening clinics. Student drawings, sculptures, and graphic design projects lined the halls of the Wedeman Gallery, and in Yamawaki Auditorium, Assistant Professor Lori L'Italien oversaw the Spring Concert Showcase.  

Exercise Science Clinic at Lasell Spring Symposium 2018

Photo by Michael Bueno '18

The day played host to a number of group presentations that explored topics such as the impact of gender identity, playing facilities, and injuries on professional and collegiate athletes. Others shared individual findings from directed study work, such as psychology major Madison Kasperski '20, who examined the influence of comic books on teenage awareness of drug use and relationship violence.  

Student Presentation at Lasell Spring Connected Learning Symposium 2018

Photo by Matthew Searth '21

On the evening of April 24, the Ruth Paetz Braun Undergraduate Connected Learning Awards and Diane Donatio Memorial Writing Awards were awarded to students selected by a faculty committee. The winners each shared short passages from their work.  

Senior Fashion Design and Production majors shared their collections at the department's 2018 runway show on April 28. Models showcased the work of 17 student designers, who used unique textures, fabrics, colors, and prints in collections inspired by Nigerian culture, fables and fairy tales, the ocean, anxiety, and the overcoming of traumatic brain injuries, to name a few. Management and construction of the set was handled by students in the Fashion and Retail Merchandising and Fashion Communication and Promotion departments.  

Spring Senior Fashion Show at Lasell College

Spring Senior Runway Show Lasell College 2018

Spring Senior Runway Show Lasell College 2018
Runway photos by Kelli Wagner '18 

The Fall and Spring Connected Learning Symposia were launched in 2002 and serve to gather the community in celebration of the collaborative accomplishments of Lasell students and faculty, helping to further establish the relevance of teaching and learning beyond traditional classroom walls.