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Spring into a New Semester

December 05, 2018

A total of 30 new and experimental courses will kick off this January at Lasell College, with topics spanning across the sciences and humanities.

Undergraduates have enrolled in courses including "Drugs and the Brain" - in which they will contextualize modern drug usage and examine its biological, physiological, and behavioral effects - and "Mexico and the United States: Human Rights and Action," in which students will study poverty from the perspective of those who suffer from it.

The latter course includes an immersion component as part of the College's Shoulder to Shoulder program. Participating students will travel to Mexico with the nonprofit Niños de Veracruz in January to work with a farming community.

Additional courses will tackle subject matter including digital branding, afro-futurism, Arabic, data science, addictions, baseball culture, civic engagement, historic monuments, and tap dance.