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August 21, 2019

This fall, Lasell University will offer 14 new and experimental courses to its undergraduate students, as well as two intergenerational courses with Lasell Village residents.

New courses include those in the sciences - "Cell & Molecular Biology," "Genetics," and "Stress & Trauma" - as well as offerings in business, education, fashion, and sociology. A new interdisciplinary course, "Global Engagement Through Sport, Health, and Fitness," was designed "to immerse students in a problem-based learning environment" where they will learn the history of Northern Ireland before traveling there to apply interdisciplinary skills.

Another new course, "Mathematics of Design," will blend "elements of mathematics solving with current, real-world problems used in all aspects of fashion design and production." At Lasell Village, students and Village residents will share ideas in an intergenerational criminal justice course, "Neighborhoods and Crime," an introductory look at the role of lighting, environmental design, and street networks can have on crime.

Additionally, Lasell requires all first-year students to participate in a first-year seminar (FYS) course, offered in 20 different sections this fall. Topics include "The Social History of Rock & Roll," "Latin America, Food, and Tradition," "Life Skills and Video Games," "The Immigrant Experience," and "The Riddle of Gender," among others.