Brand & Identity Center - Identity & Assets

Our identity and graphic language sets the tone for how people initially see Lasell, and how they will recognize us moving forward. It consists of our logo, type, photos, graphic elements, and color. For your convience you can download the entire Brand Guidelines PDF.

More significantly, it’s how all these pieces work together to strengthen our overall brand message.

Use the single-line version for the few situations where vertical space is very limited. Possible applications include Web page headers, building signage and the like.

Color Palette
Our color palette helps audiences identify us at a glance, and the way we use color sets the mood for each of our pieces. Our palette reflects our heritage and our surroundings. It is made up of our core blues, complemented by accents and simple neutrals.

Our words carry weight, and so does our typography. The size, font, and style of the typeface we choose is one of the most recognizable aspects of the Lasell College brand. It can reinforce our bold and inspirational voice, or back up a smart and insightful idea.

A template helps campus communicators create professional presentations that consistently represent the campus to internal and external audiences.

Photographic assets visually portray Lasell College. These assets are available for download and use.

Email Signatures
Your email signature is as important as any other part of our college identity.