New Student Creative and Visual Arts Publication Launched on Campus

New Student Creative and Visual Arts Publication Launched on Campus

February 03, 2014

Students with a journalistic flair have both news and fashion publications as an outlet for their writings, but until recently Lasell had no creative arts publication. Professors Mimi Reddicliffe, Rebecca Kennedy and Margot Lemieux, have now filled this gap.

This semester they announced the creation of The Compendium Arts Journal that will publish works of fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, and visual art by faculty, students, alumni, and Lasell Village residents.

Students with a passion for writing came up with the idea of launching a literary magazine as a companion to the new creative writing majors and minors. After several students approached Kennedy, Lemieux, and Reddicliffe, they decided move forward with the idea.

"We have a lot of students who are very seriously interested in writing at this point and I think it seemed like a good time because students brought it up," Reddicliffe said.

Students are involved in both the content and publication aspects of the journal. Seniors Douglas Gardner and Laura Justice make up the journal's editorial board. Many students have already submitted their work to the journal but Reddicliffe anticipates more entries as the February 14th deadline approaches. Students also came up with the name The Compendium Arts Journal.

"Compendium is a gathering together. They [the students] thought it would be a gathering together of both written and visual work so it was a sort of umbrella," Reddicliffe said.

Reddicliffe hopes that this publication will be published once a year - which is similar to publications schedules for journals at other area colleges.

- Caitlin Fitzgerald