A Green Approach Helps Lasell Make Way for a New Building


A Green Approach Helps Lasell Make Way for a New Building

June 26, 2010

While many campuses face the prospect of tearing down old buildings to make way for the new, Lasell has approached the quandary from a "green" angle.

A 19th century barn, part of Lasell's campus since the late 1800's, needed to be removed this spring to make room for a new Center for the Creative and Applied Arts.

Lasell had done its best to incorporate part of the original structure - including an adjacent house -- into the design of the new building, but the barn had to go.

However, in the mind of Lasell's new Assistant Director of Plant Operations and Sustainability, Marc Fournier, deconstruction also provides an opportunity to recycle.

Fournier arranged to have the barn deconstructed piece-by-piece by a company in western Massachusetts and the antique lumber and some fixtures would be re-sold. In addition, the scrap metal and materials were recycled by other companies as well.

The recycling effort cost the College no more and fit better with the College's "green" initiatives.

"Instead of landfilling or incinerating the whole barn and parts of the house, we recycled 75 percent of these buildings," said Fournier. "It's pretty close to being cost neutral; it just takes time and coordination. It's worth it for the environment. Reducing our carbon footprint and educating the public and the construction industry, that this is the way of the future."

Eighty-three percent of the building materials were recycled or reused, which translates into 45.23 tons of materials that did not end up in a landfill.

Companies that were involved in the project include Conigliaro Industries, which recycled vinal siding, Recycle America, which took asphalt shingles, Stoughton Metals, which recycled scrap metal, E.L. Harvey, which recycled wood and other materials, and ReStore, which helped dismantle the barn and took wood, doors, windows and other materials from the barn for reuse.

The groundbreaking for the new building will take place later in June.