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Lasell Women's Soccer Goalie, Cancer Survivor, Finds Support Among Teammates

September 22, 2016

By Emily Machado & Joshua Kummins

Sarah LaClair
(Belchertown, Mass.) has lived and breathed soccer for as long as she can remember. Getting ready to attend Star Goalkeeper Academy in Connecticut, she was expecting an average check-up at the doctor's office.

As it turned out, this visit and this day would change her life.

She remembers it like yesterday.

"It was July 13, 2011," said LaClair, the Lasell College women's soccer team's starting goalkeeper. "My pediatrician came in and did all the normal stuff. When she felt my neck, she felt something weird. She called in the head doctor, he looked at it and I went and got a test that day for it."

The tests followed, as did her commitment to Star Goalkeeper Academy. She took part in the Connecticut-based camp all throughout high school. This time though, it was an escape, a distraction from all that had gone on.

When she returned to the doctor's office, her life changed in three words.

"You never want to hear those words, 'You have cancer,'" LaClair said. "My parents were very good about explaining to me what it was and that it was very treatable." Read more...