Lasell Students Embark on Two New International Service Trips

Lasell Students Embark on Two New International Service Trips

December 15, 2014

Two new international service trips, to Vietnam and Antigua, are on the January 2015 calendar for Lasell students and faculty.

Students traveling to Vietnam with professors Anh Le Tran (Business) and Margo Lemieux (Art) will depart December 30 for two weeks in that country, volunteering for a Hanoi non-profit that supports children and exploring Vietnamese culture.

According to Tran, the students will volunteer for Blue Dragon Children Foundation on various projects such as creating board games or art work that can be used by children or sold by the foundation to raise funds.

"By immersing themselves in another culture, students will get a wider perspective in life, and by working to help children in need, they can make an positive impact and realize how fortunate they are to be able to attend college here," said Tran.

On January 4, eight students along with Education professor Elizabeth Hartmann and Gillian Stanley, associate director of Graduate Student Services, will leave for St. John's, Antigua to teach and observe in classrooms at T.N. Kirnon Primary School there.

Students will explore the intersection of culture, disability, and teaching in Antigua, according to Hartmann.

"They will learn about teaching in an international setting and also help the teachers at T.N. Kirnon to identify areas for future professional development related to supporting students with special needs," she said.

Those students return January 11.

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