Lasell Students and Faculty Prepare for Fashion Study in Paris

Lasell Students and Faculty Prepare for Fashion Study in Paris

June 16, 2011

Bon jour! Students and faculty from Lasell's Fashion Department have embarked on a two-week travel/study experiences to Paris, France where they will explore many aspects of this world class city relating to the fashion industry and French culture.

The students began their journey June 14 and are now blogging about their experience.

This trip, now in its third year, merges designers and merchandisers in an international setting to offer exposure to and research of the ever changing global fashion industry. In addition to Lasell faculty, professionals from the French fashion industry associated with the Paris American Academy will teach on a variety of topics. Hands-on workshops and cultural immersion will play an important role in the trip as well as a community service project at a soup kitchen.

The trip is part of a course called Fashion Research Abroad which consists of three parts: Spring, Summer and Fall with each aspect worth one credit. The Spring semester consists of classroom experiences insight into French history, culture, language and the fashion industry. Summer is the Paris trip and Fall is for reflection with public presentations of Paris assignments at venues such as Open House, Family and Friends weekend and the connected learning symposium.