Lasell Sophomore Goes “Prime Time” with Patriots


Lasell Sophomore Goes “Prime Time” with Patriots

July 13, 2010

It took time for Lasell sophomore Ashley Medeiros to determine that journalism was her true calling; but now she has confirmation that her decision was spot-on.

At the end of June, Medeiros learned that she was one of eight young broadcasters chosen to host a new New England Patriots football TV sports program this fall called Totally Patriots.

Medeiros wavered between journalistic writing and fashion during her first year at Lasell, finally settling on communications. She's glad she did.

"When I started I wanted to do journalistic writing. I had no idea that I could do broadcast. Then I heard about this contest," Medeiros said. "Now, I definitely want to do this. I want to climb the ladder, to work for the Celtics. I want to interview Paul Pierce when he comes off the floor."

Medeiros, who comes from a sports loving family, thought she would give the Totally Patriots auditions a try this summer - never expecting she would be named a winner.

"I took a public speaking class [at Lasell] that was really helpful. Everything I learned from that class I put into this audition," she said.

After making it through the first round to the finalists group of 20 contestants, Medeiros showed a little more of her personality. As part of the final audition, she had the chance to write a segment and speak it before the judges.

"I kind of gave my own little witty twist on it," she said, who admits that her friends and family think she has a comedic delivery.

The judges gave immediate feedback after the final audition. The verdict: Great charisma and style. And, cut your bangs - which happened the next day, Medeiros said

"She's what we were looking for," said Matt Smith, Executive Producer for Kraft Sports Productions. "We were seeking a variety of personalities. She definitely had some attitude. We didn't want to have the same type of people doing it. She stood out. She was very comfortable in front of the camera."

Thanks to this audition, Medeiros now has more confidence to pursue broadcast journalism as a career.

"It's a great opportunity. I didn't think I'd make it to finals, but even if I didn't make it, it would have been a great learning experience," she said.

The program is geared toward the younger generation of Patriots fans and includes a high school team of the week feature, a music video cut to Patriots game highlights, and a science of sports segment. Each episode features two prominent Patriots players and one local school group that takes part in the interviewing process.

Medeiros will start taping her two episodes in August at Gillette Stadium. The shows will be aired on WBZ TV Channel 4 station on Sunday mornings at 11 am during the 2010 football season.

The specific episodes she will host have not been finalized.