Lasell SBI Holds Business Event with Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce

Lasell SBI Holds Business Event with Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce

February 12, 2014

Lasell College's Small Business Institute, SBI, will host a seminar on February 24 in conjunction with the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce on managing and creating a non-profit board. The program begins at 7:30 am and runs through the morning with networking and a seminar and panel discussion.

The seminar will discuss how to navigate the challenges facing non-profit institutions in areas of finding capable individuals for a board, setting expectations and goals, how to conduct effective board meetings, solutions to manage an effective board. Participants will makes for a healthy board and how to intervene when problems arise on a board. The seminar will feature members of successful non-profit institutions about the tips and solutions in this area.

The SBI is an organization on Lasell's campus dedicated to connect marketing and management students with local businesses through Connected Learning projects. Students involved with SBI serve small business owners and gain experience in multiple areas including training, project management, and consulting areas.

"Students will use the opportunity to network with small business organizations and guests. They will learn the process, challenges, solutions and tips to manage a board of directors. They will also understand the challenges non-profit organizations face in their day to day operations," said Professor Hector Iweka, who manages the SBI.