Lasell Professor Presents Lasell Electricity Usage Research

Lasell Professor Presents Lasell Electricity Usage Research

October 13, 2011

Lasell environmental studies professor Michael Daley presented research on electricity usage on the Lasell campus at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference earlier this month in Pittsburgh, PA.

The research was part of a College collaboration involving Asst. Director of Plant Operations and Sustainability, Marc Fournier, psychology professor Lori Rosenthal, economics professor Tulin Johannsson, and environmental studies professor Aaron Toffler. With grants from the Tomfohrde Foundation and the Davis Foundation, the group joined forces to conduct research on the Lasell campus with smart meters. The group used smart meters to monitor the energy being used by residents in dorms on campus and explored the educational uses of this data.

In keeping with Lasell's educational philosophy "Connected Learning," the group of Lasell professors and staff also want to explore the use of the smart meters research in academic-related projects. The group's research suggests that academic projects involving the smart meters could be completed in economics, environmental science, and psychology. The professors suggest that students could research pricing structures for economics courses, investigate carbon footprints for environmental science, and psychology students could research behavior changes with the smart meters.

While the information collected by these meters is an obvious asset to plan operations and student life, it can also be utilized to promote connected learning, said Daley.