Lasell, Mt. Ida Initiate Public Safety Collaboration

Lasell, Mt. Ida Initiate Public Safety Collaboration

August 26, 2013

Lasell College and Mount Ida College have agreed to collaborate and combine public safety services for both campuses to improve the quality of the student experience and create cost efficiencies at both institutions. The joint department begins operation this fall.

The combined department, known as the Colleges Combined Public Safety Department (CCPSD), will provide security and police response for all calls of service on property owned and operated by each institution. In addition, the combined campus police department will provide community policing functions, crime prevention programming, and community outreach. All officers will be police academy trained and sworn Special State Police Officers (SSPO) and Middlesex County Sheriffs.

"By sharing resources and working collaboratively, we look forward to maintaining the high standard of service our community expects and our students deserve," stated Mount Ida College Vice President for Finances and Administration Cheryl St. Pierre-Sleboda.

Lasell Vice President for Business and Finance Michael Hoyle said, "This partnership will provide a higher quality of service for students on both campuses and produce expected cost efficiencies that will begin to accumulate within a year."

Key elements of the agreement include the following:

• the joint department will operate under a single Director of Public Safety, Ed Conlin, who currently serves in that position at Lasell;
• a new common badge and uniform design has been created for officers on both campuses;
• police vehicles will bear a common car decal;
• the new department will hire seven new officers; and
• a new, nearly completed centralized dispatch and communication station at Mount Ida to be staffed 24/7.