Lasell, Auburndale Businesses Help Re-Open Community Library

Lasell, Auburndale Businesses Help Re-Open Community Library

January 01, 1970

One year after the closure of the Auburndale branch of the Newton Free Library, Lasell College and several local area businesses and organizations have joined forces to support the library's re-opening in the community.

The Auburndale Community Library, which is supported by a community-based non-profit volunteer organization, now operates as a lending library that is independent from the Newton Main Library. It opened its doors on June 13.

"When our neighborhood branch library was closed by the city due to a budgetary cutback, we were heartbroken. Because of the generous donations of Lasell College and other local businesses and institutions, we were able to license the building and the books back from the city for 15 hours per week," said Dana Hanson of Auburndale Community Library, Inc.

Start-up funds for the community library were raised privately and from local businesses, with the help of local aldermen, members of the Auburndale Community Association, and Lasell Neighborhood Association.Lasell College and other local businesses including the Newton Marriott, The Village Bank, Gravestar Inc. (operators of the main Auburndale shopping plaza), Auburndale Dunkin Donuts, and Systems Analysis Services, Inc., all pledged or gave a promise of in-kind services to help the library open its doors.

"Because Lasell College is a part of the Auburndale community, it is natural that we lend a hand to support what we see as essentially an educational initiative," said President Michael B. Alexander, who indicated that the Lasell College library will also still be available to neighborhood residents.

The Auburndale Community Library will be volunteer-staffed by community members and will be funded entirely by donations from local businesses and residents. It will be open for several hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

"We thank our lucky stars every day that Lasell was willing to support the local community in this sort of an arrangement to bring back a beloved service to the local resident," said Hanson. "Rallying around a community library is a great way for all of us who love Auburndale to come together to make our village a stronger community."

Hanson said that in the near future the Auburndale Community Library organization also hopes to work with students and residents of the Lasell Village if they are interested in becoming involved with volunteering at the library.