Lasell College Launches Cross-Institution Partnership with Franklin College – Switzerland

Lasell College Launches Cross-Institution Partnership with Franklin College – Switzerland

March 22, 2012

With the business world becoming increasingly global, academic institutions want to prepare their students in this arena. With this in mind, Lasell College has partnered with Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland to provide semester-long programs that allow students to participate in cross-institution academic experiences starting in the Fall 2012.

The colleges will create semester-long packages for both student populations in specific areas of study. Programs at Lasell in all three fashion majors (fashion design and production, fashion retail and merchandising, and fashion communication and promotion) will be made available to students from Franklin College. Lasell students will be able to participate in Franklin College's business programs, particularly business entrepreneurship, hospitality and event management, and international business.

"We want to increasingly internationalize our curriculum and want to provide intellectually challenging, actual international experiences," said James Ostrow, Vice President for Academic Affairs. "Any one of our students in any major can find rich opportunities [at Franklin]. Virtually any student could participate."

Ostrow also highlighted a special opportunity for Lasell students who take advantage of the Franklin-Lasell partnership - the academic travel program. This mandatory two-week program for all students enrolled at Franklin College brings students on trips all over the world to enhance their learning in specific subjects. Students may also participate in international service learning projects during the trips.

Students from both colleges will pay their "home" tuition during the semester-long program and will stay in on-campus housing.

Applications for the program will become available later this spring.