Lasell Announces New Minor in Civic Engagement, Two New Math Majors

Lasell Announces New Minor in Civic Engagement, Two New Math Majors

June 27, 2011

Starting in the Fall semester 2011, Lasell will offer a new minor, Leadership in Civic Engagement, which advances the College's academic mission of Connected Learning. Two new math majors will also be available in the Fall.

The minor consists of 18 credits and provides students with a focused, curriculum-based context for understanding, interacting with and working with community and other non-profit agencies to address social issues.

"We have now reached a critical tipping point where we have many students who will be excited and compelled by this minor, which could work very nicely with almost any major," said Professor Sharyn Lowenstein, Director of the College's Center for Community Based Learning.

The new minor sets Lasell apart from other community-engaged schools. According to Lowenstein, a recent national survey of engaged campuses showed that only 14 percent had either a minor or a major in civic engagement.

"We are definitely on the cutting edge," she added.

Through the requirements of the minor, students will complete approximately 150 hours of community service, take on a variety of leadership roles as part of their service experience, and reflect on their experiences. Through this minor, students have the opportunity to help Lasell deepen its partnerships within the broader community. The minor and the community-based internship requirement are administered through the Center for Community-Based Learning.

The College has also announced two new academic majors: Applied Mathematics with Elementary Education Concentration and Applied Mathematics with Secondary Education Concentration.