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Summer Internship Support

September 01, 2020

Summer Internship Stories

The Lasell University Summer Internship Stipend program is now in its seventh year of providing funds to students with unpaid internships. A loyal donor began the program in 2014 by funding five students; the program now funds 10 students with $3,000 apiece to pursue opportunities that might otherwise be unattainable.

Several of this year's stipend recipients - who were awarded the funding based on their application to the program - shared their internship stories:

Allie Jo Amos '21, Fashion and Retail Merchandising major
I prioritized a significant amount of my time last fall to full utilize Lasell's internship resources. My internship at Ame & Lulu in Newton, Massachusetts, taught me how a business can shift its strategy to actively respond to the significant impacts of COVID-19. The company switched its focus to designing and manufacturing masks instead of sports accessories. I learned not to focus on what I would have been doing "normally," such as contacting vendors like Dick's Sporting Goods or Tennis Express, and to be present for what was actually happening. I did prospect research on private schools and corporations for which we could design and manufacture custom face masks, helped to update the CRM system and QuickBooks for the company, and contributed at product development meetings for their spring/summer 2021 collections.  

Allie Borowsky '21, Sport Management major
My internship was with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' Athletic Department. I actually reached out to them directly since they do not have an official internship program. I was most eager to gain direct and specific experience and knowledge in the field of sport management, and learned a lot on the job. I learned how to make tough decisions, navigate crises, and deal with ever-changing scenarios, rules and regulations throughout the pandemic. I did my work remotely, which also helped me become accustomed to different virtual platforms. The most important thing I learned was to ask questions - whether about an assignment, to seek clarification, or to gain more information, that skill has allowed me to do my best work possible.

Aria Conte '22, Hospitality Management major
When I returned to my family home in March due to COVID-19, I heard about a free meal delivery service at The Fox & Crow Café in Wellfleet, Massachusetts that was distributing food to those in need. While I was taking online classes, I reached out to see if they needed help with coordination. They trained me and I took over those responsibilities - and the stipend allowed me to pursue the work since I needed to pay my bills while working. I worked with other dedicated volunteers and got more out of it than I ever could have imagined. I managed their database, donation allocations, volunteer coordination, social media outreach, and more. I learned that no job is too small when it comes to working at a nonprofit - something that can seem so insignificant could potentially make the biggest difference to a family in need.

Caitlin Featherman '22, Event Management major
My internship at Art of the Event in Wilmington was posted through NACE, the National Association of Catering and Events. I was most eager to learn how an event comes together and to see all of the moving parts behind it. During the internship, I did a lot of research on how the pandemic has changed how events can be executed for the rest of the year. I helped locate venues, contacted clients, and did site tours, and also organized, designed, and prepared event materials and communications such as menus, newsletters, seat assignment cards, and more. The most important lesson that I learned was that even though the world may be at a standstill, there is always a way to help - for example, we helped sell plexiglass to restaurants and other places looking for ways to reopen.

Ann Mary Girgis '22, Marketing major
COVID-19 cut my first internship short, but I was determined to still take the summer internship course and landed a new role at a hair salon that had been closed due to the pandemic. They were suffering due to the economic impact of the virus, and I was able to offer my time and services for free, thanks to the internship stipend, so that I could help the salon get their business back up and running. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and this gave me the opportunity and confidence to venture out of my comfort zone and pitch myself as a professional. At Brows and Beyond by Nancy in Haverhill, Massachusetts, I was able to help the owner with long-term business objectives and marketing strategies while establishing my own credibility. I learned that no matter how spirit-crushing a situation is, there is always a silver lining. My boss is an excellent communicator who lets me share ideas, gave me independence to take initiative, and mentored me as a small business owner.

Dylan Murray '21, Exercise Science major
I was eager to learn what the day-to-day experience is like for physical therapists, and how they continue to shift what they deliver to different recovering clients. I was hired as an exercise specialist at Fit for Life Physical Therapy in Gainesville, Florida. The work was fast-paced, but I enjoyed it - I learned that it is very important to stay positive and composed when things move at that rate, and to be a caring figure to your patients. Your demeanor and delivery impact the rest of their day. All of my coworkers are new contacts that I plan to stay in touch with. They're all very experienced and were awesome to work with.

Daphne Wallace-Murphy '21, Fashion Design and Production major
I interned for Angelrox and Sugar, a small sustainable fashion company in Biddeford, Maine. I really liked what their brand stood for, so I reached out to see if I could be their intern. I was most excited to learn what they did to be ecofriendly and sustainable. All of their clothing is handmade in an old renovated textile mill - and I got to see production from start to finish. On the job I was responsible for quality checking products, packing shipments, steaming garments, and assisting with photo shoots. Working for them, I learned how important it is for a company to adapt to unprecedented circumstances. The pandemic created many challenges, but they were able to rethink their plans to accommodate new safety restrictions and regulations. Plus, they began sewing masks!