International Visitors from Franklin College Tour Lasell

International Visitors from Franklin College Tour Lasell

October 21, 2011

Visitors from Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland, including 20 students, arrived on Lasell's campus Friday as part of a two-week academic travel program.

Approximately 20 students toured the campus with International Management Professor, Armando Zanecchia, as part of a two-week trip to New York and Boston that focuses on the history, culture and business environments of the two major east coast US cities.

According to Lena Cappiello, Lasell's Director of International Services, the campus tour is the result of a growing partnership between Lasell and Franklin College.

"The partnership will provide opportunities for our students to study abroad for a semester and participate in the academic travel programs," said Cappiello, adding that it will enable Franklin College students the opportunity to study abroad at Lasell, mainly in the area of Fashion, but possibly in other areas as well.

One of Franklin's signature programs is its Academic Travel. For two weeks during each semester the school closes and the students and professors all travel to various destinations.

This is the first student visit from Franklin College related to the new partnership that is forming between the two institutions. The President, Erik O. Nielsen, visited Lasell this summer and the Dean of Student Life and Engagement, Leslie Guggiari, visited and spent time with the Student Affairs division as well.

Lasell will send a delegation to Franklin College in November to further develop the partnership and the details for the exchanges both in terms of student life and academics. President Alexander visited Franklin College in April.