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April 30, 2018

The 2018 Greater Boston Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Festival invited select student poets and faculty mentors from 23 area institutions for a night of poetry and discussion. Held at Boston College on April 18, the event included a keynote speaker and the reading of original works from students studying at participating Massachusetts colleges and universities.  

Meghan Cericola '18 was nominated to represent Lasell College by Rebecca Kennedy, associate professor of English and program director of humanities. Cericola shared her poem, The Other Side of the Window, as a selection from a larger anthology of the same name written in her senior year capstone course.  

The Other Side of the Window
by Meghan Cericola '18  

I sit and watch cars pass by, only one at a time.
A brunette walks alone
under the single glow of a streetlight,
hands deep in the pockets of her jacket.
She looks behind her and across the street,
then she stops for a moment.
In a convenience store window a neon open sign blinks.
The woman sits down on a crooked wood bench
next to the bus stop and waits.
Another car drives by.
The lights of the Little India restaurant switch off
and a tired man wearing an apron locks up for the evening.
A city bus speeds down the street, the headlights blinding.
The number 7 comes to a screeching halt
and a man wearing a black hoodie steps off.
The doors slide shut behind him
and the number 7 disappears.
He approaches the woman, smiling.
The brunette hesitates
and the man holds out his hand to her.
She gets up and they cross the street
to where I can no longer see.  

Jennifer Barber, scholar in residence at Suffolk University and founding and current editor in chief of Salamander, the school's magazine for poetry, fiction, and memoirs, delivered keynote remarks that included a collection of her favorite poems. According to the event website, Barber's stories and poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Upstreet, and Post Road, to name a few publications. 

The festival was first launched in 1987 at Boston College and has provided a way to honor students by showcasing poetry from each of the participating area colleges and universities. The selected works are published in a festival chapbook and provided to the student poets and mentors.   

For more information about the Greater Boston Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Festival, contact Amanda Crowley at