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Fall 2020 Update

May 07, 2020

A Message from Lasell University President Michael B. Alexander

Dear Lasell Students and Families:

Lasell University has been thriving since 1851 and, despite these incredible, challenging times, this fall we will continue to be open, available, and here for you.  

Despite much uncertainty in the news, what we can promise you is this: how you attend Lasell University will be up to you. We will empower students and their families to consider a variety of options and make decisions that best meet your academic, social and financial needs. It is important to note that we will adjust pricing based on the option you choose and the services we are able to make available to you.   

We have two task forces, comprised of faculty and staff, working to develop and review a variety of scenarios so Lasell will be prepared for the fall semester. Our preferred plan focuses on opening our beautiful campus, while taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of students and employees. Of course, whether we can open the campus depends on the progress of the coronavirus and on directives from government authorities. If students can return to campus, we will have a variety of safety measures in place, such as physical distancing protocols, masks, extensive testing, and fewer students per classroom. We are also working hard to support safe social interactions, whether you will be attending on campus or from home.  

Whether we can reopen our campus in the coming months or not, you will have choices.  

Options Available to You:

  • If you would like to attend Lasell University, in residence while attending classes, face-to-face with fellow students and faculty, you will have that option, assuming regulations allow it.
  • If you would rather live on campus, but attend classes online, that too will be up to you.
  • If you would prefer an entirely online education while living at home or off campus, that decision will be yours. 

Unlike many higher education institutions that had to scramble to move from the traditional classroom to the virtual classroom, Lasell's transition was seamless. We have been at the forefront of online learning for more than 15 years; and our faculty is adept at teaching in a variety of formats. Our Connected Learning educational philosophy has translated well to the online environment, having been vetted in graduate and summer online courses over the years. We also have a robust remote academic support system.  

No matter how you choose to attend Lasell, know that our class sizes are limited; more than 90% of our classes have fewer than 26 students. We will of course provide all students with the support and services that are the hallmark of a Lasell education.  

Moving forward, we are preparing for classes at Lasell to be available both in person and online. And if you choose to attend online, it will not be a passive, self-guided experience; our faculty are preparing courses that follow the same principles of active and connected learning. Research indicates that the academic learning of our online offerings is on par with our on-site classes. Most importantly, no matter which type of Lasell education you choose, you will receive the same Lasell University diploma with all the alumni support that comes with being a Laser.  

As the government adjusts its regulations, we will continue to share updates and alternatives. We will work with you to ensure that your Lasell experience is what you want and that you remain healthy and safe while getting the personal attention that Lasell has offered for 169 years.  

In the coming weeks as we receive more direction from both Capitol Hill and Beacon Hill, we will work with you to explore these diverse options and what they will cost. Please be patient as it may take us some time to determine the pricing options and how those options are affected by financial aid awards.   In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy. We will be delighted to see you on campus or in virtual classrooms next fall.    

Michael B. Alexander