Display Raises Domestic Violence Awareness at Lasell

Display Raises Domestic Violence Awareness at Lasell

October 21, 2013

In what has become an annual tradition, Lasell is raising awareness about domestic violence through The Clothesline Project - which enables women affected by domestic violence to express themselves through t-shirt art.

The Clothesline Project started on Cape Cod in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women. Participating women decorate a shirt and hang it on a "traveling" clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. The project has been viewed nationwide.

At Lasell, The Clothesline Project was set up outside the dining hall over a three-day period between October 16 and 18 for students and faculty to view. The visuals gave students and faculty insight about the lives of survivors.

Among the display are a variety of colored shirts in a color scheme designed to create visual statistics of the type of violence that has occurred. White represents those who have been murdered, red, pink and orange represent survivors who have been raped, yellow shows domestic and dating violence, blue and green indicate child abuse, purple stands for those attacked for their sexual orientation, and black represents women attacked for political reasons.

For more information about the clothing line project or to get help go to http://www.clotheslineproject.org/.

By Christina Nalepa