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Professor Featured on WBZ NewsRadio

September 28, 2018

Professor of Legal Studies and Program Director of Justice Studies Linda Bucci spoke with Ben Parker of WBZ NewsRadio about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing involving Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  Below are a few of Professor Bucci's quotes:  

With regard to Judge Kavanaugh's temperament:  

"Judge Kavanaugh has a right to be angry, but he can also be respectful and he didn't need to be so evasive and he didn't need to be inappropriately angry. He is applying to be the Supreme Court justice, and judicial temperament is extremely important. He has to work with others to come up with decisions that will affect us forever and that was very troubling to me."  

Will Dr. Ford's testimony encourage victims of sexual assault to come forward?  

"I think it will be helpful for victims to see what she went through. I am concerned about what effect the backlash might have. If he is still confirmed, many victims could feel that even if they are brave enough to come forward that it won't have any impact and that might make it very difficult."  

Alcohol played a large role in yesterday's hearing. Does alcohol compromise any of the testimonies?  

"Alcohol does affect your memory and it affects our ability to recall details. You might remember some things and not remember other things. But that also adds to why I found Dr. Ford so credible. She did admit what she did remember and also admitted what she didn't. I felt that Judge Kavanaugh was not able to do that. He also was very inconsistent about his use of alcohol."  

Do you see any similarities between Dr. Ford's hearing and Anita Hill's hearing in 1991?  

"The major similarity I see is even though we have come so far in understanding sexual assault victims and sexual harassment, we are still looking at the same committee and the same questions that Anita Hill faced."  

Bucci previously worked in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office for several years, holding various positions including Director of Training, Chief of the Child Abuse and Sexual Assault unit, and Supervising Attorney for the Dorchester District Court.