Art Student Wins Local Design Competition

Art Student Wins Local Design Competition

April 07, 2014

Hayley Boyle, a sophomore art student at Lasell College was recently selected as a winner of the Design Museum of Boston's Green Patriot Student Design Competition.

The design contest was based on the theme of global warming prevention. Boyle entered the contest after her professor, lecturer Anne Katzeff, encouraged her.

"We had just made posters based on the Olympics in class. I'm not into sports and don't follow the Olympics much, so when we learned there was a poster contest about global warming, I had to take part," said Boyle.

According to Boyle, the contest asked entrants to "turn the tide on fossil fuels" in the State of Massachusetts. As an advocate for global warming prevention and animal habitat protection, the topic is close to Boyle's heart.

"Animals are my favorite, and I want my children and grandchildren to know what a penguin is, outside of captivity. This was also a way to practice what I want to do in life outside of school. The topic being something I care about made it that much better," Boyle said.

The recent honor surprised Boyle and reinforced her focus on educating the public about environmental protection.

"I got to do what I enjoy doing, and at the same time it informs others on what we should be doing," she added.

The competition was created as part of Design Week in Boston. For more information, visit the Design Museum website:

- Caitlin Fitzgerald